Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine and golf sprayer

2022-08-08 18:12:32

Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine and golf sprayer is also known as liquid turf, grass spray, lawn spray, or turf spray. Hydromulcher uses a custom-made high-quality seed mix, 100% wood fiber mulch, and a tackifier (if needed), water, and fertilizer mixed in a hydroseed machine to create the perfect slurry. It will be configured. Apply pressure to the prepared soil to evenly spray the grout and begin cutting beautiful lawns within 21 days, if weather permits. This mud is a high-quality, custom-blended, drought-resistant bluegrass.

Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine

Compared to traditional sowing, the hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine provides better results at a lower cost. It is usually one-third to one-half the price of turf. Water sowing and liquid soil are better and more affordable alternatives to turf.

Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine

Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine may involve reseeding vast amounts of land at one time to prevent wind and water from eroding the land. Hydroseeding and hydromulching are the two primary services of a greening project.This will enable soil stabilization, site restoration, habitat enhancement, fire restoration, landscaping, and site reclamation.

Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine

The landfill is done by filling the area with a large amount of rock or cement, layering clay and soil until the required level is reached, then watering and hydromulching to complete the vegetation restoration project.We are a professional hydraulic grass seeds spray machine and golf sprayer manufacturer and have a great deal of project experience.

Hydromulcher grass seeds spray machine

Our grass seeds spray machine and golf sprayer is powered by a diesel engine and is electronically controlled for easy operation. Especially suitable for outdoor conditions, such as various bedrock slopes, hard soils, barren soils, acidic soils, arid areas, clay, and coastal dams.

Grass seeds spray machine and golf sprayer characteristic:

1.The main structural material is made of high-quality structural steel. No matter how harsh the conditions, the planter is durable and durable. It has a rational and generous look. Imported paint, 3-year warranty without fading.

2.With advanced technology, it has low fluidity, is effective for blocking and non-stop mud slurry, and adapts to various materials and high output pressure.

3.Two agitation modes, blade agitation, and circulation spray ensure that the spray mixture of the planting process is completely suspended and fully mixed. The raw material mixture is uniformly discharged at one time. It has a powerful power.

4.Powerful power, maximum lift is over 80m, equipped with various spray guns, the maximum operating range has been expanded to 300m. A fan-shaped nozzle or spray is suitable for focal length planting that meets a variety of requirements.

5.This machine has a wide range of uses not only for spraying rice, grass, trees, flowers, seeds, and other crops but also for daily maintenance and soil improvement work such as irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide spraying. The machine also mixes various materials such as seeds, fertilizers, soil conditioners, seed binders, moisturizers, straws, fiber coating materials, ocher, laterite, sand, clay, most, high concentrations, and high. concentration.


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