High flow hydraulic grout pump station for sale

January 06, 2020
High flow hydraulic grout pump station for sale

Wodetec, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, offers grout pump stations, grout mixers and agitators, as well as various grout pumps, including piston and plunger types. The design of our grouting system emphasizes user friendly operation and easy maintenance. Enough technology is integrated to maximize efficiency without compromising ease of operation or maintenance. WGP350/800/70PI-E high flow hydraulic grout pump station is a hot selling product of Wodetec, which is for sale in many countries around the world.

High flow grout pump station

WGP350/800/70PI-E hydraulic grout pump station uses high-shear high-speed grouting mixer with a volume of 350L, agitator volume of 800L, grouting pressure of 0-70Bar, grouting flow of 0-70L/min, the mixer A vortex mixer ensures uniform and rapid mixing of the cement slurry.
WGP350/800/70PI-E hydraulic grout pump station has the following functions:
1. Pump pressure is 0-70 Bar. The output of the pump is 0-70L/min. Both can be adjusted steplessly.
2. The double-cylinder single-acting grouting pump is to ensure continuous grouting without kicking.
3. Quick and easy cleaning of valve cavity;
4. The outlet of the grout pump is equipped with a buffer. This can further reduce grout pressure fluctuations.
5. Special tools are included to ensure quick piston replacement and reduce replacement time.
6. Fewer spare parts ensure lower maintenance costs
7. The mixer and agitator are switched by the squeeze handle, which is safe, reliable and easy to operate.

grout pump station for sale

WGP350/800/70PI-E grout pump station can mix, pump and grout most pre-mixed cement construction materials, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Such as cement, bentonite solid grouting and silica sand. The special mixing effect of cement or bentonite with water is produced in the mixer due to the high turbulence generated in the pump casing. This turbulent flow with high shear forces separates the cement or bentonite particles, forming a fully hydrated suspension. Cement is the oldest and most used grouting material in grouting projects.
WGP350/800/70PI-E hydraulic grout pump station can be widely used for grouting projects, such as dam grouting, underground construction grouting, foundation grouting and construction, etc. As for dam grouting, no matter what the purpose of the dam is built-irrigation, hydropower, river regulation or the establishment of lakes, grout mixing pumps are essential equipment for grouting.

hydraulic grout pump station

If you think that WGP350/800/70PI-E hydraulic grout pump station is not suitable for your project and cannot meet your needs, in order to recommend a suitable type and the best price faster, please help us confirm the following points:
1. For dam grouting, tunnel grouting or other grouting machines
2. What is the maximum pressure you need? Pressure 50 Bar, 100 Bar or more?
3. What output do you need, max. Flow is 200L, 150L, 100L or less?
4. Do you want a stainless steel grouting station with an electric motor or a diesel engine? If you need a stainless steel grout pot with a motor, also check the voltage at the job site. Is it three-phase, 380v, 50HZ or something else?
5. Do you need a stirrer and agitator made of stainless steel or other materials to save some costs?
If you don’t know the answer and there is no problem, Wodetec also has its own technical team and R & D capabilities. Please send us your request for grout pump station and we will provide you with the solution as soon as possible . Our email is: sales@wodetec.com.


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