How to use a concrete shotcrete machine

January 06, 2020

Concrete shotcrete machines have provided a lot of help to people in the construction of buildings, and they are very well received worldwide. The source of the advantages of the concrete shotcrete machine is due to the continuous research on the shotcrete. Only today has the mature technology of the shotcrete product. Today we will explain the advantages of the concrete shotcrete machine in the working process:

concrete shotcrete machine

1. High productivity: Dry concrete shotcrete machine generally does not exceed 5m3 / h, while using wet concrete shotcrete machine, it can reach 10m3 / h in manual operation
2. Low rebound rate: When dry spraying, the concrete rebound rate can reach 15% -50%. Using wet spraying technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to less than 10%;
3. The dust concentration near the machine and outside the nozzle is greatly reduced, and the harm to workers' health is eliminated;
4. In wet spraying, because the water cement ratio is easy to control and the degree of concrete is not high, it can greatly improve the mouth quality of sprayed concrete and improve the homogeneity of concrete. In dry spraying, the water cement ratio of concrete is determined by the sprayer. The quality of concrete depends largely on the correctness of the operator's operation if adjusted by experience and visual inspection.

use a concrete shotcrete machine

How can we use a concrete shotcrete machine correctly? As a manufacturer of concrete shotcrete machine with 20 years of experience, let us briefly introduce the working process of concrete shotcrete machine for everyone:

Using a concrete shotcrete machine is very simple. First, open the main gas path, upper gas path, and lower gas path stop valves on the concrete shotcrete machine, open the nozzle water supply stop valve, pre wet the rock surface, and then start the motor to open the vibrator air path. Shut off the valve, add the mixing material into the hopper, and start the spraying operation. During the work, the sprinkler operator should appropriately adjust the water supply of the sprinkler to ensure that the concrete has a suitable water cement ratio. The operator of the main engine should pay attention to the remaining air holes on the side of the main engine. If the excess material is discharged, the air supply of the lower gas path should be appropriately reduced. Until no material is discharged from the machine's residual air outlet, the equipment works normally. Before stopping, first stop the feeding. When there is no material spraying from the nozzle, close the water supply shut off valve and add a small amount of wet sand to the hopper at the same time. Wash the residual material in the hopper and the rotor cavity several times. When the material is ejected, turn off the power to the motor and each gas path stop valve.

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The stirred materials are fed into the hopper of the jet machine through the discharge screen of the batching mixer through the vibrating screen, and are transferred into the direct feed cavity of the rotor body by the dialer, which rotates to the discharge port with the swirling flow. From here Compressed air is passed into the air chamber, and the material is blown into the discharge elbow. Here, another cyclone is introduced by the cyclone, and the material is blown and accelerated in a multi head spiral state, and is caused to rotate, float, and enter the conveyance. Feed tube, reach the nozzle and add a small amount of supplementary water or liquid accelerator to spray out. After completing the above operations, we can use the concrete shotcrete machine to complete our project.

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