Spraying concrete machine application in underground engineering

December 31, 2019
Spraying concrete machine application in underground engineering
Spraying concrete machines are used in underground engineering. Wet spraying concrete machines are usually chosen. Considering that underground engineering does not have much dust in use, on the other hand, underground engineering is an important project and requires higher strength. Compared with dry spraying machines, wet concrete spraying machines has some outstanding features, such as low rebound, low dust and high strength. Sometimes we integrate a metering pump on the wet spraying machine to accelerate pumping during wet spraying. In the wet spraying process, wet materials have strong fluidity. In order to accelerate the coagulation of materials, it is important to add an appropriate amount of accelerator.
wet mix spraying machine
For wet spraying concrete machines, the process is different from dry spraying machines. Dry spraying machines is used to dry spray dry materials, sand, cement, stone, and add water to the nozzle. Water and dry matter are even mixed in the nozzle and sprayed onto the work surface. Wet spraying machine is used to spray pre-wet concrete, adding accelerator to the nozzle instead of water. Dry spraying machines are usually used for external slope protection, swimming pools, bridge repairs, etc. The wet blasting machine is used in tunnels, mines, subways and other indoor projects. Compared with the dry spraying machine process, the wet spraying machine process is more intensive, and the spray effect is better for more important projects
Rotor type wet spraying machine
Today, Wodetec has two types of underground wet spraying machines, rotor wet spraying machines and pump wet spraying machines. Rotary wet spraying machine belongs to thin-flow spraying machines. Compressed air is added at the material outlet. Pump type wet spraying machine belongs to thick flow spraying machines, which adds compressed air to the nozzle. No matter which type of wet spraying machines is used, it is necessary to use accelerators to increase the curing speed of concrete. For different models of wet spray machines, we can provide customers with three drive modes: electric motor, diesel engine and pneumatic motor. Diesel engines and air motors are ideal for remote work sites without power. If the customer wants to use an electric motor, the voltage is different from ours. It doesn't matter, we can customize the right motor according to the customer's voltage.
Dosing pump for Spraying machine
For wet spraying machines, we have different output capabilities to choose from. In addition to being used in underground engineering, wet spraying machines can also be used to spray refractory materials. They can be cast in steel plants. We have specially designed refractory spraying machines, such as WZ-3ER refractory spraying machines. Equipped with ABB inverter, new pre-damped nozzle assembly, high-pressure water pump, etc. Get the best spray results and get better feedback from customers. GZ-3ER refractory spraying machine is a small concrete spraying machine, which is mainly used for small projects or compact construction sites, such as caulking, swimming pool and other projects.

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