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December 31, 2019

Wodetec is a supplier of concrete shotcrete machine with 20 years of experience. We supply more than 200 concrete shotcrete machines to foreign customers every year. GEC concrete shotcrete machine produced by Wodetec is powered by a rotating box. The body, the rotating disc, the wheel frame, the mixing barrel and the spray head are composed. The motor in the power box generates power, and the output shaft is connected to a pair of gear reducers in the rotating disk frame body. The output shaft of the reducer drives a rotating disk with a diamond shape, and the ingredients are put into the mixing barrel and stirred, and then sent by the conveying hose. It enters the rotating disk frame, is pressed into the spray pipe through the rotating disk inside, and is sprayed by the spray head. In addition, the spray head can be externally connected to the air pump to make the spray rate better. Therefore, cement concrete shotcrete machine replaces manpower, which saves time and labor, improves work efficiency, and has high economic value.

concrete shotcrete machine supplier

How can I improve the operating efficiency of the concrete shotcrete machine and extend the life of the machine after purchasing a concrete shotcrete machine?  As a manufacturer of concrete shotcrete machines that are well received in the industry, we have several suggestions to share with you. In order to ensure efficient, safe and reliable working life of concrete sprayer pumps, regular and correct maintenance is essential and essential. After the concrete shotcrete machine has finished the work, we need to carry out a regular fixed maintenance, so that it cannot only work normally, the construction is not affected, and the life can be extended in the next use. So please read the following points carefully:

1. After each work, the mixing materials such as the mixing material on the outer surface of the reducer of the concrete shotcrete machine should be cleaned in time; the temperature rise of the reducer should not exceed 40 degrees.

2. Often observe the oil mark, when the oil is insufficient, it should be filled in time.

3. The oil should be replaced after 250 hours of work (about three months).
4. Fill the rotor square shaft bearing lubricating grease in time (the oil filling port on the top of the square shaft).

concrete shotcrete machines

5. When the concrete shotcrete machine works for 8 hours, it needs to be shut down for maintenance and repair to ensure that the spray rotating boom is running normally; when the spray stop time exceeds 10 minutes, the spray gun and the slurry pipe should be cleaned in time, and the disassembly, cleaning and installation should be strictly carried out according to the instructions. And use the spray gun to ensure that the spray gun has excellent spray performance.
6. Regularly clean the dust exhaust blades and air ducts to keep the dust exhausted smoothly; clean the spray chamber once a month; remove the paint on the conveyor belt in time to adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.
7. Regularly clean the dust on the main box, ventilation cover, power supply and other devices, keep the heat dissipation good, and the components work normally; keep the photoelectric grid glass clean to ensure accurate and reliable photoelectric detection.
8. Change the lubricating oil of the continuously variable transmission every half year, and lubricate the bearings in each shift.

concrete shotcrete machine for sale

As a manufacturer of Wodetec concrete shotcrete machine, we have been working hard in the industry for decades. We have carefully developed and manufactured various types of concrete shotcrete machines for customers to choose. We hope that our products can help you to achieve your high efficiency and high quality project. 

concerte shotcrete machine

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