Lightweight cellular concrete mixer

2024-01-16 16:07:12

Lightweight cellular concrete mixer is the key equipment for making foamed cement and foamed concrete. Our company has more than ten years of production and lightweight cellular concrete mixer for sale experience. Here are some operating instructions for lightweight cellular concrete mixer.

Preparation before starting the lightweight cellular concrete mixer:
1. After the lightweight concrete mixer arrives at the workplace, it should be placed stably. The layout of the conveying pipe shall be short, and straight, with less turning or big turning as far as possible, the pipe joints shall not leak, the vertical pipes shall be fixed, and all pipes shall not be pressed.
2. Check the power supply, motor, and electric control box of the lightweight concrete mixer for missing connections, looseness, and short circuits, whether the grounding is in good condition, and whether the insulation performance meets the requirements. Check whether the steering of each motor is correct.
3. Check whether the air compressor is short of oil, the medicine pump is short of oil, and the reducer is short of gear oil. Whether the oil and lubricating oil of the belt conveyor and mixer (No.30 or No.50 oil is recommended) are sufficient, etc. Check whether there is water in the air tank (if there is water discharged).
4. Check whether there is a shortage of grease on the extrusion pipe of the cellular concrete mixer (reduce the friction and wear between the extrusion hose and the rubber backrest and between the extrusion rollers during work).
5. Connect the three-phase four-wire cable [Note: ①l1, l2, and l3 are connected to the 380∨ line, and the letter at “N” is connected to the working zero line; ② The cable should be not less than 10 ㎡; ③ Connect the three-item four-wire leakage protector not less than 60A; ④ All equipment must be reliably grounded. ] Check whether each motor turns correctly.
6. Adjust the manufacturing methods of foaming liquid and cement slurry.
7. Check whether there is water in the air tank of the cellular concrete mixer (if there is water, let it go)

Startup of cellular concrete mixer:
1. Start the mixer (keep the mixing barrel free of solidified cement blocks and other solid impurities when working).
2. Start the screw pump (before starting the screw pump, fill the pump cavity with feed liquid, and then turn the coupling with a pipe wrench before driving)
3. Lightweight cellular concrete mixer (including debugging the amount of foaming and debugging the pressure-reducing valve to identify the air pressure).
4. Belt conveyor (adjust the gate to control the amount of cement).
5, open the water pump (adjust the valve to control the size of the water inflow)
6. The shutdown sequence is as follows: pumping → water pump → foaming → conveyor belt → mixer. When using the emergency stop switch, turn all switches to the stop position.

Clean the lightweight cellular concrete mixer after use:
1. Clean the conveying pipe.
2. Clean the mixer (turn off the power switch before cleaning).
3. Clean the mixer and the steel ball (check whether the steel ball is damaged, and replace it in time if it is damaged).
4. Clean the pipe interface connecting the mixer and the main pump.
5. Check whether all parts to be cleaned are thoroughly cleaned, and then reinstall them firmly.
6. Finally, turn off the power supply, including the power supply of the electric box and the power supply connected to the electric meter, wipe the machine’s surface, and cover the machine with a waterproof cloth.
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