Castable refractory mixer machine for sale

2024-01-19 16:19:07

Compared with common concrete mixer, there are some outstanding features regards castable refractory mixer machine. Both the mixing speed and homogeneity are very high. Internal lining boards attached to prevent mixing material abrasion on drum, replaceable liners could continue to be used, low maintenance cost and long life. Combine mixing, electricity, and water into and organic whole, and thoroughly implement of small automatic mixer. The bag-cutting device is optional, and the feeding height is comfortable and easy to use. The design is simple and easy with compact structure, and internal cleaning is simple, convenient, and easy to move. Three water lines could provide water from different direction, ensuring that even materials and water.

Above all, castable refractory mixer machine is very applied to the site construction, castable, refractory materials, etc. Especially, For WRM800 castable refractory mixer machine, we add ladder, operating platform, high pressure water washer device. On the other hand, considering that WRM800 refractory castable mixer machine mixing capacity could be up to 800kg, need larger power motor, in order to protect electric motor when start, we add soft start device for WRM800 and WRM500 pan mixers. More detailed project information, please check our website, Wode Equipment Co., Ltd.

Nowadays, we designed four different model refractory castable mixer machines, WRM100, WRM250, WRM500 and WRM800 refractory castable mixer machine, mixing capacity is 100L, 250L, 500L and 800L. For WRM100 and WRM250 refractory castable mixer machine, it is equipped with walking wheels, two operators could easily move it in working site. For WRM500 and WRM800, because the weight is larger than WRM100 and WRM250 refractory pan mixers. In order to keep the mixer stable in the use, we add the forklifts hole instead of walking wheels. Besides, in order to protect the motor for WRM500 and WRM800, our refractory mixers are also equipped with soft-start device, which could smoothly start motor.

Castable refractory mixer machine operating instructions:
1. Preparation before starting: check whether there is any debris in the mixing drum, check whether the bolts in each part are loose or missing, whether the reducer oil is sufficient, check whether the scraper is loose, the angle is correct, the power supply and the wire leakage, etc.

2. Power on Clear all materials in the disk, ensure that it is emptied, and then power on. Start the machine, listen to whether there is any abnormal sound, and add materials in strict accordance with the regulations.
3. Shutdown: stop the machine after the material in the pan is finished, and clean the remaining material in the pan, the castable refractory mixer machine is equipped with remote control command or manual operation, it is safe to use, convenient and easy to operate.

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