Slope protection hydroseeder

2024-01-15 15:47:59

Wode Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor in slope protection hydroseeder, with more than ten years’ experience in the manufacture of slope protection hydroseeder. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics and advantages of our company’s slope protection hydroseeder.

Frist, features of hydroseeder for slope protection:
1. The slope protection hydroseeder machine, is especially suitable for covering three-dimensional nets and can be molded at one time. In the construction site, according to the site conditions, appropriate amount of soil can be added to reduce the consumption of paper fiber and wood fiber, greatly reduce the construction cost, accelerate the construction speed and effectively improve the germination rate and survival rate of grass seeds;
2. The slope protection hydroseeder is small. It is convenient to move, suitable for spraying grass on low slopes, and can be widely used in riverbanks, highways, railway low slopes, wasteland, lawns, orchards, fields and other places where seeds need to be sprayed;
3. The hydroseeder machine for slope protection, which not only reduces the use cost of the machine, but also facilitates the machine to move in places that are not suitable for vehicles to enter and exit;
4. It has its own horizontal spiral conveying stirring and reflux vertical flushing stirring system, which can effectively stir the materials evenly and improve the germination rate and growth rate in the later stage;
5. The slope protection hydroseeder is equipped with direct universal spraying system and pipe spraying system, which is convenient for customers to adopt different spraying methods according to different construction conditions, improve efficiency and reduce labor.

Second, the advantages of the slope protection hydroseeder:
1. It is eco-friendly and beautiful, and can be integrated with natural ecology. No building and construction noise is generated during construction.
2. Vegetation selection can be diversified, which can form a benign ecological vegetation system, and organically combine trees, shrubs, vines, flowers and grass, so that vegetation is not easy to degrade, which is conducive to the rapid ecological restoration and the rapid restoration of the slope to its natural state. Save later expenses.
3. The filling operation can reasonably supplement the elements and nutrients lacking in the soil, which is more conducive to the growth of vegetation.
4. In the ecological restoration of hard slope or stone slope, it can provide enough soil environment for vegetation growth.
5. Appropriate amount of soil can be added, so that the added amount of paper pulp and wood pulp makes the materials more nutritious and more suitable for the growth and germination of grass seeds.
6. This slope protection hydroseeder is suitable for soil slopes and slopes with 3D nets.
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If you have any requirements for our slope protection hydroseeder, please contact us for you in time. It can also be customized according to your needs.


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