High working efficiency colloidal grout mixer and agitator

2022-10-06 15:08:13

High-working efficiency colloidal grout mixer and agitator is also used in the construction of hydropower, railways, highways, construction, mining, and other industries. They can quickly mix grout or extruder, cement, and water into the grout. Compared with common grouting machines,  colloidal grout mixers and agitators are characterized by high pulp efficiency, easy operation, uniform slurry, and short-distance conveying capability.

 colloidal grout mixer and agitator

When the high-working efficiency colloidal grout mixer and agitator are working, cement and water are proportionally added to the pulp cylinder, the material in the cylinder flows at high speed, mixed uniformly under the action of the pulp pump, and the prepared pulp flows through the valve into the storage tank through the A stirring paddle is installed in the storage tank to avoid slurry settling.

 colloidal grout mixer and agitator

Features of high working efficiency colloidal grout mixer and agitator:

1. High efficiency and large reserves, suitable for various groups;

2. Engineering operation;

3. Safe and reliable; the main component motor adopts high protection level;

4. The mixing arm of the storage tank adopts the pre-deformation structure of the frame, which has high strength, large force, and no deformation.

 colloidal grout mixer and agitator

Safety Operating Instructions for colloidal grout mixer and agitator:

(1) Appropriate dispersing discs and mixing heads should be selected according to work requirements. Instructions for replacing the dispersing disc or mixing head: First, loosen the nut on the bottom of the dispersing disc with a wrench, remove the dispersing disc, replace it, then replace it with a new one. The upper dispersion disc is screwed onto the drive shaft.

(2) After turning on the power, turn on the power switch and turn the motor speed control knob to the right to rotate slowly, and to the left to slow down. When the rotation speed is high, the stir bar will shake slightly, which is normal and does not affect the use. Note: The mixing head of this machine is strictly prohibited from running away from the material.

(3) After finishing the work, return the governor to zero, turn off the power switch, turn off the power, and unplug.

(4)The colloidal grout mixer and agitator should be cleaned immediately after use.

 colloidal grout mixer and agitator

When cleaning the drilling grouting machine, the residual grout should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent residual clumping and causing equipment failure in the next use. After cleaning the grouting machine for drilling, add grease to the oil injection holes to extend the service life of the transmission assembly seals.

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