High-speed bentonite suspension cement grout plant

2023-01-05 18:03:28

High-speed bentonite suspension cement grout plant is suitable for grouting, sealing water joints, reinforcing broken rock formations, etc.

The working principle of a bentonite suspension cement grout plant is that high turbulence generated by cement or bentonite and water passing through the pump casing is stored in the mixer. This high-shear turbulent flow separates the cement or bentonite particles to form a fully hydrated suspension.

After the mixing process is complete, transfer the mixture to your blender. A slow stirring paddle keeps the grout from settling out of suspension and removes any air bubbles in the mixture. Each machine is equipped with mixers and pumps according to capacity, as well as agitated storage tanks, and is capable of near-continuous operation once work is started.

The main features of a bentonite suspension cement grout plant are:

  1. Injection pressure and displacement are steplessly adjustable
  2. Simple structure, light weight, easy maintenance
  3. Small pulse continuous output
  4. Fewer spare parts and lower maintenance costs
  5. High-speed vortex mixer enables high-speed and uniform mixing
  6. The stirrer and stirrer switch adopts a push-out handle that is safe, reliable and easy to operate
  7. The motor has overload protection. Hydraulic system with oil temperature overheat protection
  8. It has high speed and low-speed modes, and uses a ball valve to achieve two-function switching
  9. CE, ISO certified

High-speed bentonite suspension cement grout plant has a safer product design, the oil temperature gauge can automatically control the cooling fan to work within the normal temperature range. When the temperature is too high, the machine will automatically stop working.

Applications of  bentonite suspension cement grout plant:

  1. Civil engineering – dam foundations, tunnels, mining, peg driving, tiebacks, ground anchors, cables, rock bolts
  2. Structural – building and bridge repair, foundation stabilization, foundation elevation, soil compaction grout; soil and rock grout
  3. Construction – Sealing pavements, roofs, suspended slabs
  4. Marine – underwater foundations, piers, breakers, shoreline foundations
  5. Mining – tunnel lining, contact grout, shaft waterproofing
  6. Utilities – casing, waterproofing, diagonal grout
  7. Geotechnical Engineering – Deep Well Casing, Watch Wells, Well Closure and Abandonment

High-speed bentonite suspension cement grout plant can be combined with various designs to flexibly respond to the construction environment. The distribution of mixer, mixer and pump body is reasonable and the output is reliable. There are various models of mixing and pumping equipment, grout pressure and output can be adjusted steplessly, mixer capacity and agitator capacity can be customized.

We also provide grout pumps and grout mixer agitator machine. The fields of application are the same. You can use them together or separately. It is convenient for users to select and purchase. Please contact us.


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