Cement grout injection mixer and agitator for bridge grouting

2022-07-05 18:30:40

Wodetec Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of grout and cement and other machinery mixing in China and is our own supplier with ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certification for the above Chinese products. The product is exported to UAE. , USA, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain, Nepal, etc.

Cement grout injection mixer and agitator for bridge grouting

Basic maintenance and safety measures for cement grout injection mixer and agitator:

1.Before starting the mixing grout, make sure that the moving parts are not clogged by hand and that the connections are fixed everywhere. Then you can turn on the mixing grout and idle it. Watch for other anomalies in the device while driving, and pay particular attention to the need for the motor to rotate clockwise when viewed from the connection shaft of the transmission assembly.

2.When the reversing handle is turned vertically downward, the pulping position is on the right side and the pulp discharge position is on the right side. If the valve body is badly worn, deformed, or rusted (if the valve body cannot be transposed due to heavy rust, wipe it with emery cloth and put it in butter), replace it if the seal is seriously affected. is needed.

3.Avoid prolonged idle operation of the grout mixer agitator and keep large hard particles and easy-to-roll ribbons out of the circulation pump.

4.Regularly check the transmission assembly of the stirrer for serious slurry leaks or the discharged coolant for extreme turbidity and replace accessories in time depending on the degree of wear.

5.Regularly adjust the airtightness of the mixed grout packing seal using cement for sale. It is advisable to drip a small amount of water from the packing box. Excessive compression affects the service life of the packing and the efficiency of the equipment.

6.When cleaning the cement mixed grout, the valves at the bottom of the pulp barrel and the bottom of the circulation pump should be opened to completely drain the residual cement slurry so that hardening does not affect the efficiency of the appliance. I have.

Cement grout injection mixer and agitator for bridge grouting

Safe Use of cement grout injection mixer and agitator for bridge grouting:

1.Set the cement grout injection mixer and agitator for bridge grouting in a flat position and place wood mats in front of and behind the wheel axle to keep the tires overhead and immobile at start-up.

2.Mixing grout and cement should implement secondary leak protection before starting work after the power is connected. You need to check carefully. At the time of the test run, it is necessary to confirm whether the rotation speed of the mixing drum is appropriate. In general, the empty speed is 23 revolutions faster than the truck speed (after loading). If the difference is large, you may need to adjust the ratio of movable wheels to drive wheels.

3.The direction of rotation of the mixed grout containing cement should match the direction indicated by the arrow. If not, the motor wiring needs to be modified.

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