WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine


WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening engineering, such as, highway and railway slope greening, mine greening, desert treatment, river embankment protection and large-scale green space reconstruction.

The process of rehydration and seeding involves mixing fiber mulches, fertilizer, water, seeds and lime (sometimes lime) in a water tank and applying them directly to the prepared ground using a spray hose. Once the lawn area is thoroughly sprayed, the moist fiber mules bond to the soil and provide a water layer for the seeds to protect them from sunlight, erosion and wind. Once the seeds start to germinate, the fiber mules gradually break down to provide nutrients to the soil.

WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine is drived by motor, and high-efficient special pump, high carrying ability of material. And it can also custom-made as per your request.

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WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine has the following features:

1. Wodetec is best hydroseeder manufacturer in China.

2. Factory directly supply hydroseeder.

3. WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine has beautiful appearance, compact structure, affordable for the majority of users.

4. With good integral mobility and complete supporting accessories.

5. Safe and convenient in operation.

6. Good after-sales service.

7. We have professional sales team and experienced workers.

8. Competitive price according to good raw material purchasing ability, and high work efficiency.

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Technical Paremeter




WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine

Diesel power

103KW @ 2200rpm

Tank effective capacity


Centrifugal pump

5”X2-1/2” (12.7cmx6.4cm), 100m³/h (440gpm) @ 10bar (145psi), 1” (2.5cm) solid clearance

Pump drive

In-line coupled to air-controlled over-center clutch, pump drive is independent of agitator operation


Mechanical paddle agitators and liquid recirculation

Agitator drive

Reversible, variable speed hydraulic motor drive (0-130rpm)

Discharge distance

Up to 70m (230ft) from discharge tower

Hose reel

Hydraulic driven with reversible, variable speed







WHS08100A Hydroseeding mulch machine  has wide usage, not only can be appiled in spraying planting for rice, grass, tress, flowers, seeds and other cropes, but also in irrigation, fertilize, pesticide spraying and other daily care, soil improvement work.  Hydroseeding mulch machine for sale is the fastest, the most economical and the simplest way of establishing vegetation on bare soil surfaces to stabilize soil and prevent soil erosion. This technology involves the use of hydraulic machines in planting permanent vegetation for dust control, slope protection, grassing or stolonizing, re-vegetation and erosion prevention.

hydroseeding mulch machine


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