What is the purpose of the secondary construction pump?

December 18, 2021

The secondary construction pump is a small concrete pump in the country and is ideal for many narrow construction environments. The secondary construction pump as a net red product has the following characteristics:

1. The power consumption of the pump is very small.

2. It can work with only one small generator without power supply.

3. High pump configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate, long life.

4. The pump is light in weight and easy to move.

5. The pump is affordable, there are three types of micro mortar pump, micro-fine concrete pump, micro concrete pump for customers to choose.

secondary construction pump

Not only that, the secondary construction pump is light in weight, equipped with a walking wheel, easy to move, unique in design, and can be placed directly on the floor for pouring. Moreover, the hydraulic secondary structure pump is not limited by the pumping height, which effectively solves the problem that it is difficult to carry out high quality pouring of the top near the bottom beam section during the pouring process of the structural column, and ensures the flatness and the perceived quality of the structural column. The secondary construction pump, also known as the small fine stone pump, is widely used in some special construction environments such as railway tunnels, diversion tunnels, culverts, mine caves, bridge caves, etc. It also includes water conservancy projects, hydropower projects, Slope support, underground construction operations, basic filling projects, structural column casting of large-scale buildings, etc. are difficult implement.

secondary construction pump

Secondary construction column pump specification:

(1) The towed concrete pump can be towed by motor vehicle, but it can not carry any cargo, and the towing speed should not exceed 8km/h.

(2) Concrete pump The pressure of each safety valve of the hydraulic system should meet the requirements of the manual, and the user must not adjust or change.

(3) Anti-freezing measures should be taken when constructing concrete pump in cold season.

(4) In the hot season, the concrete pump should prevent the oil temperature from being too high. When the temperature reaches 70 °C, stop running or take other measures to cool down.

(5) After pumping concrete, clean the hopper, S valve, concrete cylinder and conveying pipeline in time. After the pump is cleaned, the accumulator pressure should be released, the power supply should be cut off, and the switches should be in the stop or disconnect position.

secondary construction pump

(6) Staff members must not climb or ride on the pipeline, and should avoid it when working at heights.

(7) Before pumping the concrete to clean, it is necessary to reverse the pump several strokes to reduce the pressure inside the pipeline to avoid accidents. The new secondary structure column pump is used in the construction of fine stone. Compared with the construction method using the elevator, the stone concrete pump is not easy to damage the floor heating pipeline, and can greatly improve the construction efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers. In recent years, fine stone concrete pumps have also been increasingly used in the transportation of high-rise building walls and fine stone concrete or mortar on the ground.

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