What is the difference between the characteristics of a concrete wet spray machine and a dry spray machine?

December 17, 2021

Concrete wet spray machine, also known as (pump type wet spray machine), is the first choice for anchor spray support and blast furnace injection with good comprehensive performance such as reducing dust, reducing rebound and saving materials at home and abroad. It is often described as a green cleaner. Compared with dry and tidal spray machines, it has the advantages of small dust, less spray rebound, protection of working environment, saving of raw materials, improvement of spray quality, and easy operation and maintenance. Staff requirements are relatively low.

Concrete wet spray machine

Concrete wet spray machines have the following characteristics:

1. Simple structure and strong adaptability

2, pumping pressure is high, the transport distance is far

3, high efficiency: large displacement, high comprehensive efficiency

4, high performance: sprayed concrete high performance, compact, uniform, high strength

5, high reliability: key parts international brand-name guarantee equipment high reliability

6. Accelerator addition and control technology: domestic famous brand pneumatic metering pump is accurate in measurement, and the atomization jet and nozzle flow are mixed to make the quick-setting agent and concrete mix evenly.

7. Reduce the dust concentration outside the machine and outside the nozzle, eliminating the harm to workers' health.

Concrete wet spray machine

8. Low rebound. When dry spraying, the concrete rebound rate is 15%--50%. With wet spray technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to less than 10%, which effectively saves costs.

9. When wet spraying, because the water-cement ratio is easy to control, the concrete has high strength and high jet compaction, which can greatly improve the quality of shotcrete and improve the homogeneity of concrete.

10. Cooling hydraulic oil by air cooling, simple and environmentally friendly

11, a multi-purpose machine, can be used as a wet spray machine, can also be used as a concrete pump

The working principle of the concrete dry sprayer is to mix a certain proportion of cement and aggregate, and then blow it to the nozzle through compressed air, and then mix it with the pressurized water from the pressure water tank. The construction method in this way is simple and the speed is fast, but the dust is too large, the rebound amount of the spray material is large, and the high-grade cement is used.

Concrete wet spray machine

The working principle and process of the concrete wet spray machine is to fully stir all kinds of materials (water content) according to the design ratio requirements - the mixed concrete is directly fed (by mechanical or manual feeding) the powerful vibration hopper of the wet spray machine.The compressed air entrainment material supplied by the air compressor is conveyed through the delivery pipe to the spray head where the accelerator is mixed with the material and sprayed onto the sprayed surface under the action of the wind.

Regarding the characteristics and application of concrete wet spray machine and dry spray machine, the above several differences are summarized. If you have other ideas, please send the email! Email:sales@wodetec.com 

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