What is a refractory shotcrete machine?

December 15, 2021

The refractory shotcrete machine uses compressed air to spray a certain proportion of refractory material at high speed, forming a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed structure, which has obvious advantages such as fast spray construction speed, high efficiency and good engineering quality. The refractory shotcrete machine mainly applicable to: thermal spray repair of industrial furnace kiln refractory layer. It is mainly used for concrete spraying and supporting construction of tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground works, mine roadways, highway slope protection, etc. And the thermal spray operation of the industrial furnace kiln refractory layer.

 refractory shotcrete machine

The refractory shotcrete machine produced by Zhengzhou Wode uses reasonable mechanical principle and advanced technology. It is a refractory dry spray specially designed by the company on the basis of the existing concrete shotcrete machine and the characteristics of refractory dry spray application. Special spraying machine. The newly designed WZ-3ER/S refractory dry shotcrete machine effectively reduces dust and greatly improves the jetting effect. It is an ideal equipment for dry spraying of refractory materials.

 refractory shotcrete machine

As the preferred equipment in the refractory shotcrete machine, it has this advantage in performance, and it is a straight-through cavity rotor type refractory dry spray machine. Compact and reliable. The frequency converter has stepless speed regulation, the cutter cutter and the pre-wet nozzle have powerful ability, low rebound and less dust. Reducing the amount of water added can be achieved by pre-wetting. Improve the solid density and strength of refractory materials. Equipped with high-pressure water pump, 30bar water pressure is guaranteed to be fully atomized and evenly mixed.


 refractory shotcrete machine

Maintenance of refractory shotcrete machine: After each shift is completed, the shotcrete cavity and discharge elbow should be cleaned in time. The rubber sheet of the shotcrete machine is not allowed to exceed the excessive stress caused by excessive clamping, otherwise it will be excessively worn due to friction and heat. The heat resistance limit of the rubber sheet is 1100C, and it is normal to not exceed 800C in use. Each class should be cleaned of rubber sheets and checked for wear. If the rubber sheets have been worn to such an extent that the steel ribs are flush with the surface of the rubber or the air holes and the feed holes are leaking, the rubber sheets must be replaced.

 refractory shotcrete machine

The lubricating oil of the shotcrete reducer is 50# industrial gear oil or 30# mechanical oil. The temperature rise of the reducer should not exceed 40 degrees. Clean the mixture attached to the surface of the reducer in time after each shift. Always observe the oil mark and fill it in time when the oil is insufficient. The lubricant should be replaced after 3 months of cumulative work. Always check the gear unit for oil leakage and handle the leak in time. The bearings of the rotor square shaft are filled with lubricating oil every week.

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