Refractory shotcrete machine for steel plant

December 27, 2019

Refractory shotcrete machine for steel plant pouring in Thailand
WZ-3ER Refractory shotcrete machine for Thailand is a rotor type shotcrete machine widely used for spraying refractory materials and can be poured in steel plants. Compared to conventional dry-mixed shotcrete machines, the new WZ-3ER Refractory shotcrete machine is specifically designed for spraying refractory materials. Equipped with ABB inverters, high pressure pumps, new pre-damped nozzle assemblies and more. The ABB drive is used to control the speed of the rotor and regulate the output power from 1m3/h to 3m3/h. WZ-3ER Refractory shotcrete machine has a high pressure water pump that provides atomized high pressure water to mix water and materials.


refractory castable materials gunning machine


WZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine is different from ordinary dry-mixing shotcrete machine. It has ABB frequency converter, new pre-damping nozzle assembly, high-pressure water pump for refractory gun stone machine and high-pressure water pump, which can provide atomized water for atomized high-pressure water. Mix water and materials. The ABB driver is used to adjust the output from 1m3/h to 3m3 / h. If there is greater output capacity at the start of spraying, the material will block the transfer hose. A high pressure water pump is used to supply high pressure water to the nozzle assembly. Pressurized water enters the nozzle through the water ring and becomes foggy, helping to evenly mix the material and water. The new pre-damped nozzle assembly needle valve precisely adjusts the amount of water added. It can effectively reduce the amount of water added. In addition, the new nozzle, unlike conventional sprayer nozzles, is flexible and reduces spring back.


New type pre-dampening nozzle assy


At the same time, the sealing plate of the WZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine is different from the sealing plate of the ordinary dry mix spray machine. A conventional sprayer seal plate has a discharge orifice, while a refractory spray gun seal plate has no discharge orifice. It is well known that refractory or castable materials are much more expensive than ordinary concrete and therefore do not require venting holes. The sealing plate is a very important spare part for shotcrete machines. We choose a better quality sealing plate for the machine.


refractory gunite machine with air compressor


Thai customers have purchased WZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine from our local steel mill for pouring in steel plants. At the job site, refractory materials are typically loaded and cast into large bags. In order to save labor, there is a large hopper for filling refractory material, through which the material passes through the hopper of the fire-resistant spraying machine, thereby avoiding the trouble of manually adding materials.


refractory gunite machine with air compressor


Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of refractory shotcrete machines. With 20 years of experience, in addition to Thailand, the high-tech refractory shotcrete machine has been exported to many foreign countries and has obtained customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Mexico and other countries. Better feedback. We have other models to meet the requirements of different projects in different regions. Considering that many customers' local voltages are different from ours, Wodetec can also customize the appropriate voltage based on the customer's local voltage.

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