Hot sale refractory shotcrete machine spraying refractory

December 27, 2019
Hot sale refractory shotcrete machine spraying refractory
Refractory shotcrete machine produced by Wodetec is our hot sale product, which is widely used for spraying refractory materials and can be cast in steel plants. The hot sale refractory shotcrete machine is specifically designed to spray refractory materials compared to conventional dry-mixed shotcrete machines. Equipped with ABB inverter, high pressure water pump, new pre-damped nozzle assembly and so on. ABB drives are used to control the speed of the rotor and regulate the output power from 1m3/h to 3m3/h. The hot sale refractory sprayer has a high-pressure water pump that provides atomized high-pressure water to mix the water and materials.
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There is a big difference between a hot sale refractory shotcrete machine and an ordinary dry-mixed shotcrete machine. Typically, for ordinary dry mix shotcrete machines that do not use ABB drives, high pressure pumps and new pre-damped nozzle assemblies. The sealing plates of the fire-resistant sprayer and the ordinary dry-mixed shotcrete machine are also different. The refractory shotcrete machine is mainly used in the metallurgical, chemical and glass processing industries for the spraying of refractory concrete mixtures lining metallurgical furnaces, glass furnaces, heating boilers, coke oven batteries, cement plants, etc.
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The working principle of hot sale refractory shotcrete machine on site:
First open the main gas path, the upper gas path, the lower gas path shut-off valve, open the nozzle water supply shut-off valve, pre-wet the rock surface, then start the motor, open the vibrator air circuit stop valve, add the mixing material in the hopper, start the injection operation . The nozzle operator should properly adjust the water supply volume of the nozzle to ensure that the material has a suitable water-cement ratio. The host operator should pay attention to observe the residual air hole on the side of the main unit. If there is any excess material discharged, the air supply volume of the lower air line should be appropriately reduced. Until the material at the machine's residual air outlet is discharged, the equipment will work normally. Before stopping, first stop feeding, when there is no material sprayed at the nozzle, close the water supply shut-off valve, and add a small amount of wet sand to the hopper, and wash the residue in the hopper and rotor cavity several times, without the nozzle When the material is ejected, turn off the motor power supply and each air circuit stop valve.
The agitated material is fed into the jet hopper through the vibrating screen through the discharge port of the batching mixer, and is injected into the straight material cavity of the rotor body by the dipper, and is rotated to the discharge port, where it is rotated. The air chamber is supplied with compressed air to blow the material into the discharge elbow, where another swirl is introduced by the cyclone, and the material is blown, accelerated, and rotated, floated, and entered into a multi-head wind spiral state. The material pipe, reaching the nozzle and adding a small amount of supplementary water or liquid quick-setting agent to spray out, quickly forms a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed structure. 
refractory shotcrete machine for spraying refractory
Moreover, the nozzle of the Wodetec hot sale refractory shotcrete machine has been improved on the basis of the original, new The pre-wet nozzle has low rebound, less dust, reduced water addition, improved solid density and strength of refractory materials, greatly improved the speed of spraying and the quality of spraying, so it is well received by customers.


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