China refractory pan mixer manufacturer

December 27, 2019

China refractory pan mixer manufacturer

Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of refractory pan mixer with more than 20 years of experience. Below I will briefly introduce the refractory pan mixer products we produce.

China refractory pan mixer manufacturer


Refractory pan mixer is often combined with wet refractory shotcrete machines for the mixing of refractory materials in steelworks. Unlike ordinary concrete mixers, refractory pan mixer has some outstanding advantages. High mixing speed and uniformity. The internal lining prevents the mixed material from being worn on the drum, and the replaceable lining can be used continuously, with low maintenance costs and long service life. Mixing, electricity and water are mixed into one organic whole, which fully realizes the realization of a small automatic mixer. The bag cutting device is optional and the feed height is comfortable and easy to use. The design is simple and compact, the interior is easy to clean and easy to move. Three water lines provide water in different directions to ensure uniform mixing of material and water.

On the other hand, the refractory pan mixer is also equipped with a water pump that can add water to the mixer from three different directions through three water pipes. Make sure to mix the refractory with water. The time relay controls the start and stop of the pump. There are five different types of mixing arms and blades for the agitator shaft, bottom and wall. They can effectively prevent the refractory from adhering to the inner wall of the drum. The refractory pan mixer is used in a castable mixer lid with a bag making device that tends to damage the refractory bag.

China refractory pan mixer


Refractory pan mixer is ideal for on-site construction, casting, refractory materials, etc. Especially for the WRM800 refractory pan mixer, we added a step, operating platform and high pressure washer unit. Today, we have designed five different types of refractory pan mixer WRM100, WRM250, WRM500, WRM800 and WRM1000 refractory pan mixer with mixing capacities of 100G, 250G, 500G, 800G and 1000G.

manufacturer of refractory pan mixer


For the WRM100 and WRM250 refractory pan mixer, it is equipped with a walking wheel that allows two operators to easily move it in the workplace. For WRM500 and WRM800, because the weight is greater than the WRM100 and WRM250 refractory pan mixers. In order to keep the mixer stable during use, we added forklift holes instead of walking wheels. On the other hand, considering that the WRM800 refractory mixer can reach 800 kg, a more powerful electric motor is required. To protect the motor at start-up, we added a soft starter for the WRM800 and WRM1000 disc mixers.

Soft start device, protect electric motor


Wodetec is a manufacturer of refractory pan mixer in China. We have developed, manufactured and sold refractory pan mixer for more than 20 years. In China, we have supplied refractory pan mixer for famous steel mills such as Baosteel and Anshan Iron and Steel. In foreign countries, we also provide refractory pan mixer to Vesuvius company and so on. As we all know, Vesuvius is a global leader in the refractory industry, which has refractory materials around the world. And our console received better feedback from Mount Vesuvius. If you still need a good quality refractory pan mixer, please feel free to contact us at:

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