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March 31, 2020

Refractory castable mixer machine is the most efficient and productive mixer for refractory castables.It is reinforced with bolt in high wear resistance steel drum liners, making the refractory pan mixer the most durable refractory mixers on the market. The unique paddle design is exclusive to WODETEC. The paddles are oriented vertically to forcibly cut through material. Durable mixing blades allow for uniform mixing. Usually, work with wet refractory spraying pump to finish refractory installing.

refractory castable mixer machine manufacturer

WRM high quality pan mixer for refractory is used to mix raw materials. Get material in a pan, blenasonable, beautiful appearance, simple operation and fully mixed, thus improve mixing. Using a novel rotor structure, the minimum gap between the rotor and housing can adjust close to zero,effectively reduce the residual material. Boiler plate lined with polypropylene or stainless steel, so it is not easy to stick materials, wear-resistant, using cycloid motor is compact, easy to operate, stirring, convenient unloading conveyor and so on. The overall structure is more  reintenance. WRM refractory pan mixer all the work body fixed on the rack. The frame is made of high quality carbor steel, channel steel welded together. And adopt strict product certification and the specific technical requirements to achieve the purpose of use.

mixing refractory

Refractory castable mixer machine Fast mixing speed and homogeneous, Special designed for site operation,  Comfortable feeding height,Easy to move, equipped with forklift hole, Manual discharge door, Hydraulic discharge door for option, Soft Start device protecting motor.

Refractory castable mixer machine

Pan mixer, high quality refractory pan mixer is fast mixing speed and homogenous, comfortable feeding height, water spray nozzles, this refractory mixer is special designed for site operation, compact structure, easy to move,with bag breaker, refractory pan mixer is low maintenance cost. 


The refractory pouring mixer also has a safety function: if the top cover door is opened between two operations, the machine will automatically stop. Because there is a relay between the top cover and the hopper, once the top cover is opened, the power will be automatically cut off and the operator's safety will be guaranteed.


If your project requires the right refractory pouring mixer, please help us confirm the following:

1. What kind of mixing material will you use in the refractory mixing project?

2. How much mixing volume do you need?

3. How much motivation do you need?

Send us your answers and requests and we will provide you with more suitable types and best prices. If the existing model does not meet your working needs, Wodetec can also provide customized services to meet your needs for refractory pouring mixer, please feel free to contact us

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