Wet Shotcrete Machine for Sale South Africa

March 30, 2020

In October, Wodetec shotcrete machine manufacturer delivered two WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machines to customers in South Africa.

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Wet Shotcrete Machine for Sale South Africa

Generally speaking, according to the spraying process, we divide the shotcrete machine into wet shotcrete machine and dry shotcrete machine. Because dry shotcrete machine is added with dry concrete or cement, when spraying, the sprayer needs to add water to ensure the spraying. effect. This dry spray technology has a high rebound rate, the rebound concrete cannot be reused, and waste is serious. The spray volume per hour is only a few cubic meters, which is low in efficiency; the dust is large and the construction environment is poor, and it is extremely harmful to the body for operators operating in underground or confined spaces. Wet shotcrete machine for sale is a method of mixing the mixture evenly, pumping the mixed mixture to the nozzle through a slurry pump, and then spraying with compressed air. The working principle of low-pressure and low-speed vortex airflow and short-range jetting is used to overcome the problems of tube blockage, pulse, and segregation, and to make the jet stream uniform and stable.

wet shotcrete machine for South Africa

After careful selection, the customers in South Africa decided to purchase our WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine to build their subway tunnel excavation project. Wet shotcrete machine for sale is usually used in underground engineering or some confined spaces with harsh environment. The shotcrete machine can make the mixture mix evenly, and the water-cement ratio can be accurately controlled, which is conducive to the hydration of water and cement. Therefore, the dust is smaller and the rebound is lower. On the other hand, wet shotcrete machine has a more uniform spraying effect and higher strength, which is more suitable for indoor or some underground high-intensity projects.

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South Africa wet shotcrete machine has obvious advantages such as good sealing, uniform spraying, advanced technology, perfect structure, stable performance, convenient operation and long service life. For the convenience of users, we have installed a sturdy grinding wheel on the bottom of the WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine. Various advantages make the WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine stable and perform well at the work site, and have been well received by customers in South Africa.


If you also need a WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine with reasonable price and excellent performance, you can directly contact us for the latest price. Don't like this model? It doesn't matter, Wodetec has developed a full range of dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine machines with output from 1.5m3 / h to 9m3 / h. You can freely customize different driving methods such as electric motors, diesel engines, pneumatic engines and gasoline engines, and Like the color, we will meet your needs for the project to the greatest extent, without hesitation, please feel free to contact us:sales@wodetec.com

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