High Output Colloidal Grout Mixer Machine for Sale

April 01, 2020

Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of grout mixer equipment. Since its inception, the company has been committed to supporting product development. After years of development, Wodete has developed industry-leading manufacturing technology for grout mixers. High-yield colloid grout mixers are a popular product at Wodetec. It is widely used in various high-yield colloid grouting and stirring occasions. It is the most ideal and practical high-yield glue grouting machine at home and abroad.

high output grout mixer for sale

Wodetec The colloid grout mixer is composed of a steel plate cylindrical mixer tank heavy-duty slurry pump and agitator tank, and is installed on a solid base frame. The slurry is mixed by a high-speed vortex produced by a special pump, which takes the material from the bottom of the mixing tank and sends it back tangentially to the same tank for maximum efficiency. In this way, homogeneous colloids and high-quality mixtures can be obtained in a short period of time. After mixing, the above mixture was pumped into a stirring tank with a slow stirring paddle using the same pump as described above. When the mixture in the mixing tank is completely withdrawn, move the specially designed handle valve to continue mixing the slurry in the next cycle.

colloidal grout mixer for sale

Wodetec high-yield colloid grout mixers are inexpensive and suitable for processing a variety of products, including pure cement, cement and PFA sand cement mortars. Simple structure, light weight, easy maintenance, continuous work, fast mixing speed, stable performance, convenient operation and long service life. All our colloidal grout mixers have coordinated equipment distribution, electrical control and powerful power design, and are easy to operate.

high output colloidal grout mixer

Wodetec is a reliable colloidal grouting mixing partner, with a reasonable price and high quality and high output colloidal grouting mixer.

What do you think of Wodetec's high-yield colloid grout mixer?

If your project requires the right high-yield colloid grout mixer, please help us confirm the following:

1. Which grouting process will you use in your grouting project?

2. What pressure do you need?

3. What traffic do you need?

4. What power do you need for a high-yield colloid grout mixer?

If you use an electric high-yield colloid grout mixer, you should also check the voltage on site.

Send us your answers and requests and we will provide you with more suitable types and best prices. If the existing model does not meet your work needs, Wodetec can also provide customized services to meet your needs for cement slurry pumps, please feel free to contact us

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