Wodetec Electric Cement Grouting Pumps

April 02, 2020

Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of grouting equipment. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to supporting product development. After years of development, Wodete has developed industry-leading cement grouting technology. Electric cement grouting pumps are a hot product of Wodetec grouting equipment factory. It is widely used in various grouting occasions. It is the most ideal and practical cement grouting pumps at home and abroad.

electric cement grouting pump

Electric cement grouting pumps are divided into two working modes: piston and screw. The uniformly mixed cement slurry can be pressed into the prestressed tension holes to achieve the purpose of bonding and anticorrosion. Electric cement grouting pumps motor drives the reducer, which drives the piston or plunger to reciprocate and generates pulsating pressure slurry through one-way control. Electric cement grouting pumps can also be used for grouting reinforcement of bridges, culverts, mines, tunnels and deep foundation pits. We also produce a series of grouting equipment such as pulping machines and grouting pumps stations.

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grouting pump

The design purpose of electric cement grouting pumps is to stir and pump mud cement or bentonite slurry in-ground and underground works, and grout plugging works for high pressure and large displacement. The pressure signal is transmitted through the working medium (mud and hydraulic oil) to form a closed-loop automatic control function, and the electric cement grouting pumps have a simple structure, which can be adjusted in a timely and accurate manner without the problem of over pressure. Its output can be adjusted through continuous variable adjustment. Working pressure, and has the function of automatically adjusting the output according to the preset final grouting pressure.

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Wodetec electric cement grouting pumps are inexpensive and suitable for processing a variety of products including neat cement, cement and PFA sand cement mortar. Simple structure, light weight, easy to maintain, and continue to work with small pulse output, stable performance, convenient operation and long service life. All of our electric cement grouting pumps have coordinated equipment distribution, electrical control and powerful power design, and are easy to operate. Grouting technology keeps your grout mixing and pumping system close to 100% availability. The more intelligent electric cement grouting pumps not only simplifies your grouting process, but also guarantees the safety of the operator.

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Wodetec supplies reasonable price and high quality electric cement grouting pumps, is your trusted grouting and grouting partner.

What do you think of Wodetec electric cement grouting pumps?

If your project requires a suitable cement grouting pumps, please help us confirm the following:

1. Which grouting process will you use in your grouting project?

2. What pressure do you need?

3. What traffic do you need?

4. Do you want a cement grouting pump for a diesel engine?

If using an electric cement grouting pumps, also check the voltage on site.

Send us your answers and requirements, and we will provide you with a more suitable type and the best price. If the existing model can not meet your job needs, Wodetec can also provide customized services to meet your needs for cement grouting pumps needs, please feel free to contact us:sales@wodetec.com

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