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April 18, 2020

Grouting is to prepare a certain material into a slurry, which is poured into the formation or gap with a pressure feeding device to diffuse, gel or solidify, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the formation or preventing leakage. Grouting pump is the key equipment in grouting construction. The performance and quality of the grouting pump play a decisive role in the safety, quality, and efficiency of the grouting project. If the choice of grouting pump is blind and random, it may cost a lot and fail to achieve the desired effect or even cause engineering accidents, so the choice of grouting pump is crucial.


Post tension grouting machine

Wodetec is a grouting equipment supplier. For professional grouting equipment suppliers, we have decades of experience in research, development, manufacturing, and sales of grouting equipment. Our post tension grouting machine can easily meet all the main requirements of low, medium and high pressure applications. Requirements, such as micropile, anchor grouting, penetration grouting, compensation grouting, grouting (such as mines, a cavity in tunnels, etc.), drilling mud, high-pressure jet grouting, etc.

high pressure grout pump

Due to the grouting rock fissures and complex hydrogeological conditions, Wodetec post tension grouting machine can perfectly meet the following grouting requirements:

1) Post tension grouting machine's ability to discharge slurry exceeds the maximum grouting capacity of rock and soil cracks, and can perform grouting work without interruption;

2) The pressure of the grouting pump can form and exceed the maximum final pressure required for grouting;

3) The volume should be small so that the grouting work can be easily arranged;

4) Made of sturdy and wear-resistant materials to prevent the abrasion of cement slurry and the corrosion of various chemical slurries;

5) Pouring slurry with large slurry concentration and different composition and different particle size;

grouting pump


pneumatic grouting pump

Wodetec post tension grouting machine has an electric motor, diesel engine, pneumatic, and other driving methods, suitable for different grouting projects. Some electric grouting machines have remote control function, which allows end-users to keep track of the working status of the grouting machine on the ground at any time. It can ensure that the machine can complete the grouting task safely and stably.


Wodetec post grouting machine uses chemical grouting to reinforce soft and broken surrounding rock, grouting the permeable rock layer to block water, and can be widely used in foundation treatment, grouting for soft ground reinforcement, backfill grouting anchor support in tunnel mines, Dam foundation grouting reinforcement, mining, soil infiltration, soil and rock grouting, ultra-fine cement grouting, infiltration grouting, soil anchor, soil nailing, rock bolt, and post-tensioning grouting and other projects.

dam curtain grouting work

Wodetec post grouting machine supplier supplies grouting pump reasonable prices and high quality post grouting machine. With the help of ISO and SGS factory reports, it is your trusted grouting and grouting partner, with advanced grouting mixing and pumping systems and high output Grout machine. All our post grouting machines have coordinated equipment distribution, electrical control, and powerful power design, and are easy to operate. Grouting technology keeps your grouting mixing and pumping system close to 100% availability. Work smarter and use smarter post grouting machine to simplify your grouting process, don't hesitate, please feel free to contact us.

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