High Pressure Jet Pump Manufacturer

April 20, 2020

Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of grout equipment and a leader in the grouting industry. With decades of experience in research, development, production and sales of grouting equipment, our high pressure jet pump has been sent to the UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia Many countries, and received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

high pressure jet pump

High pressure jet pump is the manufacturer of Wodetec grouting equipment. It is the best grouting equipment developed after years of painstaking research. Has many outstanding advantages,

1) Compact structure, small volume, high rated output pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, easy to use and maintain;

2) Full-featured: two-component slurry can be injected; chemical slurry, cement and other slurries can be injected; each cylinder works synchronously, the mixing ratio is fixed, and the mixing is uniform; Used in other occasions;

3) Good safety. It can be used safely in places with flammable, explosive, temperature and humidity changes;

4) Use compressed air to transmit pressure signals to form a closed-loop automatic control system. Therefore, the structure is simple, the use is reliable, and there is no problem of overpressure;

5) The reversing mechanism has air pressure automatic positioning performance, and there is no "self-stop" phenomenon;

6) Strong anti-impurity pollution ability, reliable working performance and convenient maintenance;

7) The discharge volume and discharge pressure can be adjusted steplessly. And has the performance of automatically adjusting the pump discharge volume according to the predetermined grouting pressure.

high pressure jet pump manufacturerAs we all know, the purpose of grouting is to use pressure to enable consolidated mud to be injected into geotechnical cracks or building cracks through drilling, and then to improve its physical and mechanical properties, also known as grouting in water conservancy and hydropower. , Reduce engineering stress and pore water pressure, improve impermeability.

So our high pressure jet pump can be perfectly applied in the following scenarios:

1. Anti-seepage: such as anti-seepage treatment of engineering dam, bridge abutment and dam grouting.

2. Water plugging: cut off the water flow and improve the construction and operation conditions of the project. For example, water leakage is used for the leakage of underground works such as the well wall.

3. Consolidation: improve the mechanical properties of the soil or structure and restore its integrity.

4. To prevent landslides: improve the anti-slide resistance of geotechnical engineering slopes

5. Reduce ground subsidence: reduce or homogenize the compressibility of rock and soil, improve its unevenness.

6. Improve foundation bearing capacity: increase the strength of geotechnical mechanics.

7. Backfill: Fill in the hollow structure to prevent soil rupture, prevent collapse and improve the mechanical state of the structure. Enhancement: restore the structural integrity and mechanical properties.

application jet pump

Wodetec  grout equipment manufacturer specializes in the development and production of grouting equipment. The flow and pressure of customized grouting pumps can also meet different grouting projects. As for the power of the grouting pump: it can provide electric motors, diesel engines and aerodynamics. For more information about selling diesel grouting pumps, please email us:sales@wodetec.com

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