Refractory Gunning Machine Used for Refinery

April 17, 2020

WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine for refinery is designed by Wodetec refractory equipment manufacturer for spraying refractory concrete. It can be applied in refinery, iron and steel plant, iron ore site, lining kiln, boiler, furnace and other places to spray refractory material.

Refractory gunning machine for refinery

WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine for refinery is specially designed for spraying refractory materials. The output is 3m3 / h and the maximum aggregate size is 10mm. It is driven by a motor. Since refractory materials are very expensive materials, how to reduce the waste of refractory materials is a big problem. In order to control the speed, we added the ABB frequency converter. The ABB frequency converter is used to adjust the speed of the motor. The flow rate can be adjusted as needed to further control the output of the refractory gunning machine from 1m3 / h to 3m3 / h. When the machine starts to work, the small output can effectively avoid the blockage caused by the large output.

ABB frequency converter

WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine for refinery In order to reduce rebound and dust, we have selected a pre-dampening nozzle, and a high-pressure water pump is used to provide high-pressure water for the new pre-dampening nozzle assembly. There is a water ring in the nozzle assembly, and the high-pressure water is atomized through the small holes of the water ring. If so, water can even be mixed with the material to achieve the best spray effect.

New type pre-dampening nozzle assy

Ordinary spraying machine sealing plate has a discharge hole, while WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine for refinery sealing plate has no discharge hole. As we all know, refractory materials or castables are much more expensive than ordinary concrete, so no discharge holes are needed. The sealing plate is a very important spare part of the spraying machine. We choose the sealing plate with better quality. For the spray gun machine, the sealing plate and the steel rotor plate are the key components. We provide high-quality sealing plate and steel rotor plate for our machine. Generally, the service life of the sealing plate is about 300m3, and the service life of the steel rotor plate is about 20,000m3.

Refractory gunning machine

WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine has been exported to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, English, Oman, etc., and has received better feedback from customers due to its better spraying effect. We also provide customers with different models of refractory gunning machine such as WZ-3AR (3m3 / h) and WZ-5ER (5m3 / h). WZ-3AR refractory gunning machine is equipped with a 5-cylinder piston air motor, without electricity, suitable for Some remote places with insufficient power supply. Of course, the working voltage of most customers is different from ours, we can also customize the appropriate voltage motor according to customer needs.

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