Why is the concrete wet spray machine so popular?

November 15, 2019
With the rapid development of various industries, the degree of mechanization is getting higher and higher, and the superior performance of mechanical equipment is utilized to continuously reduce the labor intensity of workers. According to statistics, at present, nearly 100,000 wet spray machines are put into use in various industries in China, and thousands of units are updated every year. The amount of use is very large and is very popular in various industries. It is a key equipment in China's shotcrete operations. There are many reasons why concrete wet spray machines are so popular.
concrete dry spray machine
I will briefly introduce a few points below:
When it comes to concrete wet spray machines, you have to talk about concrete dry spray machines. The main advantages of concrete dry spray machines are long conveying distance, simple equipment and durability. However, since it mixes the dry mixing concrete nozzle with water, the construction dust and rebound are large, and the dust generated by the dry spraying operation endangers the health of workers, especially in the construction of narrow roadway engineering, dust pollution is more serious. In order to change this situation, in recent years, different types of concrete wet spray machine have been put into use, and the powerful concrete wet spray machine has been very popular since its launch, and has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.
concrete wet spray machine to India
Hot sale concrete wet spray machines at home and abroad for sale, and it is so popular because it has the following advantages that cannot be ignored:
1. The hot sale concrete wet spray machine is easy to control: during the construction, the wet sprayed concrete is transported to the wet spray machine for production according to the production process, and the mixing ratio is completely under control, thereby ensuring the quality of the sprayed concrete. The quality of the concrete sprayed by the sprayer is not easy to control, especially the concrete water-cement ratio is random. It is adjusted by the sprayer according to experience and visual inspection. The quality of the concrete depends largely on the sprayer operation. The wet sprayer has a low rebound rate and can effectively control the cost; the dry shotcrete rebound rate is 35%-45%, and the wet spray rebound rate is about 15%, so the concrete wet spray machine is used for anchor spray support. Low production cost and high efficiency.
concrete wet spray machine
2. The dust concentration during the construction of the hot sale concrete wet spray machine is low: the dust next to the spray head is 60 mg/m during the concrete dry spray machine, and the dust next to the wet spray nozzle is lower than the dust concentration near the dry spray nozzle. When concrete dry spray machine spraying concrete construction, the visibility in the tunnel is often low due to dust concentration and other reasons. Objectively, the operator only talks about the number of injections, and neglects the quality of the sprayed concrete to make the quality of the sprayed concrete unstable and wasteful.
concrete wet spray machines
3. Concrete dry spray machine has high productivity: dry concrete shotcrete generally does not exceed 5m / h. The use of wet concrete jets can reach 7-9m / h during manual operation and up to l5-18m / h when using jet robots, which is 2-3 times higher than other spray methods.
Concrete wet spray machine for sale is the most popular equipment for anchor spray support and blast furnace injection with good comprehensive performance such as reducing dust, reducing rebound and saving materials at home and abroad. For more information on concrete wet spray machine for sale, please visit our official website:

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