Customize peristaltic pump manufacturer in China

November 20, 2019
Peristaltic pump is also called a peristaltic hose pump. We are China manufacturer and supplier of peristaltic pump, also can supply customize peristaltic pump for you. Peristaltic pump uses a rotating roller to squeeze the hose to transport the liquid. Since the liquid only flows in the hose, there is no contact with the pump head, no cross-contamination, and high conveying precision and shearing action. Small, so it is widely used in construction, mining, water treatment, chemical, environmental protection, scientific research, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, printing and other fields.
Customize peristaltic pump manufacturer in China
The fluid-free operation of the peristaltic pump of Wodetec does not cause damage to any part of the pump and can produce up to 98% vacuum; without valves, mechanical seals and packing seals, there are no such factors that cause leakage and maintenance; It can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluid, allowing the solids contained in the fluid to reach 40% of the inner diameter of the tubular element; it can transport various materials with abrasive, corrosive and oxygen sensitive properties and various foods; The tube is a part that needs to be replaced, and the replacement operation is extremely simple; the product delivered is not in contact with any part except the hose. Less wearing parts, reducing the cost of maintenance.
peristaltic pump manufacturer
Our WH series industrial peristaltic pumps are highly resistant to corrosion, high in abrasion resistance, and highly tolerant to changes in sensitive media, high viscosity and high consistency, large particle adaptation. The biggest advantage of WH series industrial hoses is the high displacement accuracy. The WH industrial peristaltic pump produced according to the standard production system has been tested, the front and back error is about 1%, and the high pressure performance of the WH industrial peristaltic pump is 3 mpa. And the quality is far greater than the industrial peristaltic pump produced by ordinary manufacturers.
customize peristaltic pump
As a China manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, Wodetec offers dozens of industrial hose pump models with a working pressure of 0.6-3 mpa and a throughput of 0.01-50 m3 / h. Wodetec can supply natural rubber hoses, nitrile rubber, EPDM, a food grade hose that meets the needs of customers for pumping different materials. In China, we are a peristaltic pump supplier designated by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for pumping bentonite for TBM in urban subway projects. At the same time, we also provide OEM peristaltic pump heads for US customers, Mexico, Russia, Jordan, Bangladesh, etc. We also offer customized services for peristaltic pump, you can tell us what your local voltage is; we can customize the right voltage motor for you. If your work location is remote and inconvenient to supply, we can also provide you with a diesel engine peristaltic pump. We have a complete industrial hose pump R&D and technical support team that can provide pre-purchase purchase and installation advice and follow-up technical support to provide customers with high quality and personalized products and services.
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