Cement grout mixer machine for sale in Thailand

November 20, 2019
Cement grout mixer machine for sale in Thailand is special pulping equipment produced by Wodetec for low water-cement ratio grouting materials, it is mainly used in hydropower, railway, highway, construction, mining and other industries. Grouting mixer is an indispensable machine in grouting engineering, suitable for water and cement in water injection projects, non-shrinkage cement, bentonite and other additives. The grout mixer mixes water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives quickly. Compared with the ordinary blade type mixer, it has the advantages of high pulping efficiency, simple operation, uniform mud and short-distance conveying high-speed grouting mixer. Therefore, cement grout mixer machine is very popular in various countries, especially in Thailand. Thailand is a long-term partner of Wodetec. We supply a large number of cement grout mixer machine to Thailand every year.
Cement grout mixer machine for sale
The working principle of the cement grout mixer machine:
The pulper uses a motor to drive a high-speed turbo pump. The slurry vortexes from the bottom and ejects from the upper end of the barrel to create a high-speed liquid stream that creates a strong vortex in the barrel for the high-speed grouting mixer to dry the powder and water sufficiently. The slurry having a low hydration ratio is prepared. Check the mixing impeller for proper rotation to ensure that the slurry tube does not leak water; add appropriate amount of water, open the equipment to clean and wet the pulp tank and pipe, release the water from the pulper after cleaning; add a lot of water 80Kg, open the high-speed grouting and stirring mechanism pulping machine, add the powder evenly in the specified order, control the feeding time to 5~6 minutes, add all the powder, continue to stir for 3~5 minutes; transfer the prepared slurry to the pulp will be dynamic The slurry is stored in the storage tank; the pressure pulverizer line is connected to the slurry storage tank, or the grouting is started directly from the pulper to the hopper pulper; the high-speed grouting mixer equipment and piping are cleaned immediately after the grouting is completed, and the pulper is turned on, to remove residual cement slurry from the pulper and pulp.
Cement grout mixer machine in Thailand
The capacity of the cement grout mixer machine can be adjusted to suit your project requirements. The capacity of a large grouting mix project may be 800 litres and the capacity of a small grouting project may be reduced to 100 litres. Efficient grout mixer for grouts and other muds or other materials is easy to transport and simple to operate. Electric or diesel engine power grout mixer is for different work locations.
Thailand cement grout mixer machine
Wodetec is committed to providing customers with the most suitable and perfect cement grout mixer machine for project engineering. If you have any requirements for the cement grout mixer machine, please answer the following questions:
1. What materials will you mix?
What is the 2 W / C ratio? > 0.45:1?
2. Do you need a capacity of 750L, 500L, 400L, 100L or more?
3. Do you want a cement mixer with an electric motor or a diesel engine?
If a grout mixer with a motor is to be used, what is the field voltage at three-phase, 380v, 50HZ or other voltage?
4. What are your requirements for the color of the grout mixer?
Usually our grout mixer is yellow, blue, white, if you need other colors, please let us know the color code.
5. Whether a grout pump is needed to work with the grouting mixer, we also provide a grouting plant for selection.
Cement grout mixer
Please leave a message in our email and tell us your requirements for the machine. We will provide you with the plan and quotation at the first time. Our email address: sales@wodetec.com
cement grout mixer machine application

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