Refractory castable mixer machine for sale

November 15, 2019
Refractory castable mixer machine for sale 
Refractory castable mixer machine is used for refractory project by Wodetec. They can be used in fixed or practical mobile designs with top performance and are ideal for on-site construction. Our refractory castable mixer machine for sale in worldwide. The high-tech equipment can provide customers with different mixing capabilities of the mixer. Three water lines provide water from different directions to ensure uniform mixing of material and water. High-quality disc mixers are ideally suited for the mixing of castable refractories in steel plants, often with refractory pan mixers and wet refractory sprayers.
refractory castable mixer machine
WRM250 castable mixer machine for sale is equipped with walking wheels for easy movement at the job site, and forklift holes are installed in the frame. The bottom and inner walls of the agitator have high wear-resistant steel bushings, which greatly improve the service life of the refractory mixer. Five different mixing arms can evenly mix the refractory materials and create void adhesion. Not only that, the refractory castable mixer machine produced by Wodetec has a unique design in terms of safety. If the top door is opened between operations, the machine can automatically stop. Due to the limited position switch between the top door and the hopper, once the top cover is opened, the power supply will be automatically cut off to confirm the operator's safety.
refractory castable mixer machines
Hot sale refractory castable mixer machine features:
1. Refractory castable mixer machine has excellent performance advantages, compact structure, low noise, high torque, superior performance, stable and reliable, long service life and less maintenance.
2. The one-piece two-way rotating vertical planetary gear reducer mechanism uniquely built by refractory castable mixer machine has high transmission efficiency. The two sets of counter-flow and downstream wear-resistant protective sleeves have a two way hyperboloid design.
3. The vertical installation of the refractory castable mixer machine makes the stirring arm rotate while doing the revolution. The moving blade of the stirring blade is complicated, the stirring movement is strong, the stirring efficiency is high, and the mixing quality is uniform.
4. When the refractory castable mixer machine is unloading, the discharge door can be switched by pneumatic or hydraulic means. The number of discharge doors can be up to three, and a special sealing device is designed on the discharge door to ensure that the seal is firm. And reliable control.
Mixing arm and blade
Wodetec is a manufacturer of refractory castable mixer machine in China. We have been developing, manufacturing and selling refractory mixers for more than 20 years. In China, we have provided refractory castable mixer machine for famous steel mills such as Baosteel and Anshan Iron and Steel. In foreign countries, we have exported pot mixers to many countries and received better feedback from our customers, and we also supply Vesuvius with refractory castable mixer machine. If you have the need of refractory castable mixer machine price and refractory castable mixer machine cost, please tell me freely. As we all know, Mount Vesuvius is a global leader in the refractory industry, which has refractory materials all over the world. And our console received better feedback from Vesuvius.
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