Application of concrete shotcrete machine in various industries

November 13, 2019
Concrete shotcrete machine is divided into dry concrete shotcrete machine and wet concrete shotcrete machine according to different spraying processes. Different types of concrete shotcrete machines are used in different project projects.
The working principle of the dry concrete shotcrete machine is as follows: the dry material to be mixed is fed into the concrete shotcrete machine through the vibrating screen through the unloading port of the batching mixer (or manual mixing and feeding), and the rotor assembly is injected into the rotor assembly by the dipper. In the material cavity, the old rotor body of the material cavity rotates to the discharge port, where compressed air is introduced from the gas path system, and the material is blown into the discharge elbow, and another swirl is introduced from the cyclone, which is in a multi-head swirling manner. The material is blown, accelerated, and rotated, floated, and enters the delivery hose. After reaching the nozzle, it adds an appropriate amount of water to the spray surface. Usually dry concrete shotcrete machines are used for slope protection, swimming pools, bridge maintenance, etc. outside the project.
application of concrete shotcrete machine
Wet concrete shotcrete machine feeds the stirred concrete into the hopper of the wet concrete shotcrete machine, and mixes the compressed air at the spray head with the atomized quick-setting agent pressed from the metering pump to the spray head to form a bundle and sprays it onto the sprayed surface; The sprayer sprays concrete by mixing the cement, aggregate and quick-setting admixture proportionally. After adding it to the dry sprayer hopper, the material is passed through the sandblasting pipe with compressed air, water is added at the nozzle, and the material bundle is formed. Compared with the dry concrete shotcrete machine process, it has the advantages of small working dust, less jet rebound, protection of working environment, saving of raw materials, improvement of spray quality, etc., and easy operation and maintenance. Lower. Wet concrete shotcrete machine is mainly used in indoor projects such as tunnels, mines, subways and boiler injection.
concrete shotcrete machine in various industries
Because Wodetec is the leading brand of China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers, there are now dozens of dry spray guns to choose from. Our concrete shotcrete machine can be used in a variety of large-scale project construction to meet the project requirements of different customers. Of course, we can also tailor the concrete grouting machine for you, because the Wodetec has its own technical team, research and development capabilities, you can design the spray gun according to your needs, you can also customize the color. 
Shotcrete machine for slope protection
So please tell us your requirements for the shotcrete machine, for example: 
1. What is the project that the machine will use for slope protection or other purposes? Need a dry concrete shotcrete machine or a wet concrete shotcrete machine? 
2. Do you need 3 cubic meters/hour, 5 cubic meters/hour or 9 cubic meters/hour of output power? 
3. The highest rated particle size is less than 10mm, 15mm or 20mm? 
4. Regarding the engine, do you need a pneumatic motor, an electric motor or a diesel engine? Once we have confirmed the answers to the above questions, we will set up a concrete shotcrete machine that will meet your requirements and is affordable at the first time. Don't hesitate, please feel free to contact us:
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