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November 13, 2019
Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of new peristaltic concrete pumps with 20 years of experience and sales in many countries around the world. The new peristaltic concrete pump for grouting or spraying is designed on a peristaltic pump, which we use to make a hopper, in which case concrete can be pumped, grouted and sprayed continuously. Concrete and slurry can be efficiently transported to narrow streets, large areas, islands, mountains, towers and other large construction projects that require new peristaltic concrete pumps to pump, grout or spray concrete.
peristaltic concrete pump manufacturer
Wodetec peristaltic concrete pump manufacturer has developed, manufactured and sold a wide range of peristaltic concrete pumps for more than two decades. The following are the four main types of our company:
peristaltic concrete pump for sale
WCP15H-E peristaltic concrete pump is a peristaltic concrete pump with a squeeze hose pump for the construction industry. It can transport concrete slurry, cement slurry, mud, mortar and other high viscosity liquids in a timely and efficient manner.
WCP15H-D diesel peristaltic concrete pump is a concrete pump that combines a peristaltic pump with a diesel drive. Its diesel pump is powerful and easy to use, and works flawlessly in certain areas of low power.
WCP20H-H peristaltic concrete pump is hydraulically driven. It is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic motor gearbox, step less speed regulation, and can be directly connected to its own hydraulic power station. Easy to operate, large flow.
WCP40H-E high-flow peristaltic concrete pump is equipped with heavy-duty gearbox, high power, large flow, rated output power up to 45m3 / h, excellent performance on construction sites, stable performance.
peristaltic concrete pump for slurry
Gaodetec peristaltic concrete pump suppliers provide customers with concrete hoses for peristaltic concrete pumps. Concrete hoses for peristaltic concrete pumps are mainly used for pumping concrete, foam concrete, cement slurry, mortar, sludge, wastewater, mud and other corrosive and toxic substances. We can change different hoses to pump different materials according to your construction project. Use NR peristaltic tube hose to pump mud, bentonite and AB liquid NR peristaltic tube hose to pump foam concrete NBR peristalsis with ceramsite The hose is used to pump sludge and mud peristaltic hose. The hose material is NR, and NBR, EPDM material hose is also available. Moreover, during the construction of the peristaltic concrete pump, only the hose is in contact with the material, so the hose is the only wearing part. In the later maintenance, only the hose can be replaced, and the utility model can be used normally, thereby reducing the cost.
peristaltic concrete pump used squeeze hose
Of course, if your project has special requirements for peristaltic concrete pumps, we can also tailor the perfect peristaltic concrete pump to help you complete your project according to your project requirements. 
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