How do we operate the refractory gunning machine?

October 23, 2019
Refractory gunning machine is widely used in engineering construction, mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering and coal-fired high-altitude mine roadway shotcrete construction operations: refractory gunning machine various types of industrial furnaces, furnace lining fire resistance Material spray molding or repair: soil transportation and spraying in various slope protection greening construction.If you want to use a refractory gunning machine, the following may be helpful for you.
Refractory gunning machine in cement factory
1. Preparation before starting
A. Check whether the connecting parts of the whole refractory gunning machine are firm and whether the rotating parts are flexible and reliable.
B. Observe the cursor and check if the lubricating oil in the gearbox is sufficient.
C. The drive motor is connected to the power supply. The direction of the rotation of the rotary font should be the same as the direction of the arrow. Otherwise, the power supply should be phase-modulated.
D. The main gas path, the upper gas path, the lower gas path, the vibrator gas path, the nozzle water supply shut-off valve are placed in a closed state, and the main gas pipe is connected to the gas source. The water supply pipeline is connected to the water source, and the feed pipe is connected to the host.
E. Adjust the pressing mechanism, firstly pre-compact, then tighten the 2-3 turns with a wrench, bend the conveying pipe, open the main gas circuit and the upper gas circuit stop valve, observe the pressure gauge at about 0.3Mpa, rubber bonding There should be no gas spillage at the plate.
Refractory gunning machine
2. Injection operation: first open the main gas path, upper gas path and lower gas path stop valve, open the nozzle water supply shut-off valve, pre-wet the rock surface, then start the motor, open the vibrator air circuit stop valve, and add the mixing in the hopper. The material to be stirred is fed into the jet hopper through the vibrating screen through the discharge port of the batching mixer, and is injected into the straight material cavity of the rotor body by the dipper, and is rotated to the discharge port, Here, compressed air is introduced from the air chamber to blow the material into the discharge elbow, where another swirl is introduced by the cyclone, and the material is blown, accelerated, and rotated, floating in a multi-head wind spiral state. Enter the feed pipe, reach the spray head and add a small amount of supplementary water or liquid quick-setting agent to spray out.Start the spray operation. The nozzle operator should properly adjust the water supply volume of the nozzle to ensure that the material has a suitable water-cement ratio. The host operator should pay attention to observe the residual air hole on the side of the main unit. If there is any excess material discharged, the air supply volume of the lower air line should be appropriately reduced. Until the material at the machine's residual air outlet is discharged, the refractory gunning machine will work normally.
Refractory gunning machine for spraying refractory
3. Shutdown operation: Before stopping, first stop feeding, when there is no material sprayed at the nozzle, close the water supply shut-off valve, and add a small amount of wet sand to the hopper, and wash the residue in the hopper and rotor cavity several times. When there is no material to be sprayed out at the nozzle, the motor power supply and each gas passage stop valve are turned off.
Refractory gunning machine working site
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