Diesel engine concrete pump for sale to Indonesia

October 29, 2019
WMP7/35D diesel engine concrete pump is a new design of diesel engine concrete pump from Wodetec. Diesel engine concrete pump for sale to Indonesia is the most durable, compact, efficient and versatile rotary pipe engineering concrete grout pump on the market today.
diesel engine concrete pump for sale
WMP7/35D diesel engine concrete pump is a compound diesel engine concrete pump driven by a 23 kW diesel engine that is compact and powerful. It can be continuously transported through horizontal or vertical pipes to the fine aggregate concrete conveying equipment at the pouring site. Diesel miniature concrete pumps for sale are widely used in secondary grouting, floor heating projects, roofing, high-rise building walls, reservoirs and hydropower stations, ports, wharfs, soft soil foundation reinforcement grouting in foundation treatment, subway tunnel backfill grouting, anchoring Rod support and mine construction. Because of its high efficiency and portability, it greatly reduces labor costs, so it is called an indispensable part of the construction industry.
Indonesia diesel engine concrete pump
Main features of WMP7/35D diesel engine concrete pump:
1. The pump power used is a diesel engine that can work normally without a power supply.
2. WMP7/35D diesel engine concrete pump adopts electronic agent switch hydraulic technology, with variable forward pumping capacity of forward and reverse, and its output is 3-7m3 / h.
3. The WMP7/35D diesel engine concrete pump is a small-volume concrete pump that is ideal for many narrow building environments.
4. The pump is lightweight and can be transported on a trailer or in a typical pickup truck, which is very convenient at the job site.
5. High machine configuration, hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life.
6. The machine is affordable, as well as micro mortar pump, micro stone concrete pump and micro concrete pump for customers to choose three configurations.
7. Adopting the automatic air compressor piston structure technology, the working pressure pumping distance is large, and the pumping height is high.
diesel engine concrete pump for sale to Indonesia
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