Small mobile concrete pumps with mixer for sale

October 29, 2019
A small mobile concrete pump with a mixer combines a concrete pump with a concrete mixer for agitation and conveying. Fully mechanized construction, it can achieve the purpose of continuous mixing in the field, greatly improving the efficiency, easy to operate, only one person, greatly reducing labor costs; small mobile concrete pump with mixer can be transported by small truck, it is convenient to move to different work places. As a result, small mobile concrete pumps with mixers are ideal for large aggregate pumping in piling, including new country buildings, roads, railways and tunnels. Water conservancy and hydro power projects; geological disaster slope treatment; and need to pour large concrete and narrow space in other projects.
small mobile concrete pumps with mixer
Here are the advantages of a small mobile concrete pump with a mixer:
1. Concrete pump and concrete mixer are connected to one machine. One machine has two functions, which can reduce the purchase cost.
2. Continuous mixing in the workplace, the efficiency is 4-6 times that of traditional concrete pump and concrete mixer. It can increase efficiency and shorten project dates.
3. In the mixing and pumping process, two people are required to operate them, but now only one person is required to operate. Moreover, the operation is simple, the machine is high, the labor cost is saved, and the efficiency is higher.
4. Easy to move, powerful and flexible. Great for working in different work locations.
mobile concrete pumps with mixer for sale
The JBT30 P2 small mobile concrete pump with mixer from Wodetec has the following characteristics:
The electric concrete pump adopts intelligent electronic control system, which has more stable performance and is matched with world famous brands.
The advanced S valve structure provides better sealing performance.
The material of the glasses plate and the cutting ring is made of high wear-resistant alloy steel for a longer service life.
With the Kawasaki hydraulic system, the outlet pressure is higher, the conveying distance is farther, and the oil temperature is lower.
The hydraulic cooling system uses an advanced air cooling system that does not require water and is superior to water cooling systems. Simple but convenient.
Electrical unit system, all parts are remotely controlled by the handle.
The small mobile concrete pump with a mixer has the function of a water pump to reduce clogging during pumping.
small concrete pumps with mixer for sale
Wodetec mainly designs, manufactures and sells small mobile concrete pumps with mixers. We have the characteristics of lower cost, smaller size, more beautiful appearance, higher automation, safer and lower after-sales. If you buy this machine from a professional manufacturer, we will have a strong team to serve you, and you will get the best advice in the first time before you buy the product, in the transportation of the product and in the use of the product. . Even if there are any problems with the unit during use, you can get the solution in the first place. We hope that each of our customers can buy the best and most suitable products and get the best service.

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