Industrial hose pump for pumping bentonite in TBM

October 23, 2019
Industrial hose pumps can be used in subway tunnel boring machines (TBM). Hose pump for pumping bentonite can be used for ground grouting, shield machine bentonite, mud pumping, etc. In the TBM project, a large amount of bentonite is required to be waterproof. Bentonite is usually formed by volcanic ash layers of rock, mostly formed by Tertiary volcanic ash or rhyolite. Bentonite has the characteristics of swelling with water and swelling of sodium bentonite. Its volume is about 15 times its own volume, and it can absorb 5 times its own weight. Colloids formed from expanded bentonite have the property of repelling water. Due to this property, bentonite is used as a waterproof material, so it is widely used in underground engineering.
hose pump for pummping bentonite for TBM
The working principle of the industrial hose pump: A special rubber hose with a smooth inner wall and a particularly good strength is installed inside the pump body and then rotated along the hose by a pair of pressure rollers. This rotation causes the medium to go in one direction. The conveyor is transported without back flow. After the hose is transported, the hose is restored to its original state by the self-elasticity of the pressurized hose and the side guide roller. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the hose to suck the medium into the lumen again. The medium is then discharged from the hose under the pressure of the accompanying press rolls. As a result of this cycle, the medium is continuously discharged and inhaled.
TBM  hose pump
Gaodetec is an industrial hose pump manufacturer, which is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, innovation, manufacturing, sales and service. Mainly produces industrial hose pumps, industrial hose pumps, industrial hose pump hoses, etc. Based on the principle of honesty and professional operation, we keep making progress and innovating. After years of hard work, our products are exported to foreign countries, such as US customers, Mexico, Russia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Kazakhstan and so on. The quality of our products and comprehensive services are well received by users at home and abroad.
hose pump for pumping bentonite in TBM
In August, Singapore sent an enquiry to our industrial hose pump to pump the bentonite slurry at a rate of 30 m3 / h and told us that he required a conveyor distance of 200 m. This requires a very powerful industrial hose pump that requires approximately 30 bar of working pressure. Usually Chinese hoses can't meet the demand, and we customize the imported hoses for our customers and design the pump's working pressure to 26 Bar and meet the output requirements. The machine is very powerful when it is working, and the transportation speed is much faster than that of ordinary industrial hose pumps.
TBM hose pump
If you need to purchase an industrial hose pump to complete your project, please contact us directly. In order to recommend the right type of industrial hose pump for your project, let us know the output capacity, delivery distance, working pressure and local voltage you need. We can customize the most suitable industrial hose pump for you. Assist with your work. Our email:

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