High efficient double piston mortar spraying pump

February 04, 2020
High efficient double piston mortar spraying pump is a summary of our experiences in using various spraying equipment at home and abroad. We have developed the most advanced double-cylinder piston mortar spraying machine in China, which has the advantages of long transportation distance, long working time, high efficiency, easy maintenance. Equipped with air compressor, no need for external air sources. Equipped with automatic lubrication system, effectively extend the service life of rotating parts. Mortar particle diameter less than 5mm which all could be spayed.
mortar spraying pump
Features of piston mortar spraying pump:
1.Double cylinder & double-acting, ball valve, quick clamp connection, operation and cleaning conveniently. Paddles in hopper with Reciprocating movement, prevent hopper materials deposition .
2.The screen adopts rubber spring with cone bolt installation, convenient disassembly;
3.Equipped with double special mortar nozzles, making spraying operation more smoothly, continuously and reducing the rebound effectively.
4.Machine light, 1-2 person can easily move the machine.
5.Independent electric control box and remote control system, machine operation is safer. Waterproof vibrator.
6.Quick installation and rubber piston long work life and low maintenance cost.
Piston mortar spraying pump can spray evenly, continuously and efficiently. It has high cost performance, strong reliability, low wear of piston and long service life. It is equipped with continuous mixer, can achieve continual operation. It can be used in the building, the external wall spray plaster, used in road and bridge, tunnel, water conservancy, underground engineering pore pressure grouting.
The ideal electric driven mortar spraying pump machine on a 2-wheel trailer with or without brake, equipped with a double piston pump, for pumping and transporting the most difficult materials, with delivery height over 30 meters. The extremely high performance together with the low operational cost, due to the high quality components used, makes our company the most reliable partner in building sites.
piston mortar spraying pump

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