How peristaltic hose pump manufacturers work

February 12, 2020
Peristaltic pumps are based on alternating compression and relaxation of hoses or tubes, which draw fluid into the hoses or tubes, similar to our throat and bowel movement principles. A rotator or roller completely compresses it along the length of the hose, and a seal will be created at the suction and discharge ports of the pump to control the product to slide out. Rely on the powerful vacuum generated by the hose or tube to suck the fluid into the pump.
hose peristaltic pump manufacturers
peristaltic hose pump makers
Peristaltic hose pump working, the pumped fluid does not contact with any moving parts and is completely sealed in a strong, heavy-duty hose .
This precise suction action makes this pump suitable for precise filling procedures and has a pressure rating up to 16 bar (hose). But for import squeeze hose, the working pressure could be up to 2.5Mpa.The high-pressure hose has a reinforced inner layer and an outer layer of 2-6 layers, so it can withstand higher working pressure and generate higher suction than non-reinforced pipes. Depend on the different pumping materials, squeeze hoses are divided into NR, NBR, EPDM and Food grade squeeze hose.
Hose pump squeeze hose
Peristaltic hose pumps are widely used in different working environments due to their ability to pump liquids and dosing. They are often used in pure water and wastewater treatment. Hose pumps can handle abrasives with high solids content. The precise dosing performance makes it perfect for pumping applications.
Wodetec heavy-duty soft pumps are an excellent choice for the mining industry, especially when dealing with froth flotation systems or additional mud transfers.

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