What is the operation procedure of the two-liquid grouting pump and the two-liquid grouting pump?

November 07, 2018


The two-fluid grouting pump is a single-cylinder double-acting piston pump. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work and high pumping pressure. It is mainly used for pressure grouting reinforcement of tunnel excavation and maintenance, mine engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, slope reinforcement, foundation treatment of large bridges and high-rise buildings, and various underground works.

Main technical features:

1. Single cylinder double action, the piston reciprocates once, can realize the suction and discharge of two liquids

2, hydraulic drive, reliable machine operation, high pumping pressure

3, non-contact reversing mechanism, effectively reducing the failure rate and machine noise

4, compact structure, suitable for small space construction

Two-liquid grouting pump operating procedures:

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the connection nodes of each line of the electronic control system are firm and there is leakage.

2. Before use, add the corresponding number of hydraulic oil and reach the requirements of the fuel tank scale, about 40 liters. The hydraulic oil is replaced every 12-18 months during use.

3. Check all connecting pipes and joints to ensure a secure connection. No leakage, avoid bending and bending of the pipeline, check the machine for no oil leakage

4. Check if there are any loose parts in the machine. If it is loose, it should be tightened.

5. Check if the electro-hydraulic reversing valve and the stroke are open and closed.

6. The pump should be placed in a horizontal position as much as possible to ensure that the vertical distance (ie suction stroke) of the suction joint to the center of the grouting cylinder does not exceed one meter.

7. Connect the grouting steel pipe to the valve chamber discharge joint and the mixer elbow and ensure that the u-card is inserted reliably and without looseness.

8. Turn on the mixer grouting valve, start the motor, and test the water for one minute.

9. Connect the suction pipe to the bucket, add the material to the meter, and mix evenly.

10. Turn on the main motor, observe the slurry condition, and prepare for grouting.

11. If a pipe jam occurs during grouting, first shut down the machine and then clean or replace the pipe. When disassembling the pipeline, be sure to release the pressure completely and place a covering between the joint and the body to avoid injury to the body. The temperature rise of the hydraulic oil should not exceed 40 degrees during normal operation.

12. When the work is finished, the grouting cylinder and pipeline should be cleaned, filled with clear water in the tank, so that the suction pipe of the grouting pump draws in clear water, discharges the clean water to the outlet of the discharge pipe, and then the grouting tank The screw plugs at the ends of the cylinder are loosened to release the uncleaned mixture in the cylinder to prevent the piston from pulling or causing the cylinder to appear after the next use.

13. When the machine is shut down in the middle, do not let the material stay in the pipeline for more than 20 minutes, solidify with tin, can not be used next time.

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