How to maintain concrete shotcrete machine?

November 07, 2018


How to maintain the concrete shotcrete machine? As we all know, in the long-term work of the concrete shotcrete machine, it is necessary to maintain the maintenance of the shotcrete machine in order to improve the working efficiency of the shotcrete machine and prolong the service life of the shotcrete machine. This article shares some knowledge of the maintenance of concrete shotcrete, and hopes to help customers use the spray machine.


1. Maintenance and maintenance of rubber sheet and steel liner of shotcrete machine

(1) Before each class of shotcrete work, check the pressing force applied to the rubber sheet. The pressing force is too small, causing the pressure air to overflow from the joint surface. The fine particles carried by it enter the sealing surface, which aggravates the wear of the rubber sheet and the steel liner. Excessive pressing force will cause the wear of the rubber sheet to increase and the power consumption of the motor to increase.

(2) After each shift is completed, the surface of the rubber sheet and the steel liner should be cleaned at the same time as the shotcrete is cleaned. Also check the wear of the rubber sheet and the steel liner: the degree of wear of the rubber sheet is measured by whether or not an effective seal can be achieved. If there is a gas high and low pressure interval that cannot be isolated and the sealing surface has a deep groove, the rubber sheet must be replaced. Steel lining surfaces must not have deep scratches. If the scratch depth exceeds 1mm, it will need to be reground. The edges of the steel liner through-holes must maintain sharp edges. If the edge is chamfered, fine particles will penetrate into the joint surface of the rubber sheet and the steel liner during work, causing the rubber sheet to wear more, thereby shortening its service life. Therefore, the steel liner should be repaired in time.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of the shotcrete cavity and taper sleeve

The rotor body cavity and the outlet taper sleeve are made of anti-adhesive material. Under normal circumstances, they will not be bonded. However, after each shift, the rotor body and the discharge cone sleeve should be opened to check whether material is deposited and cleaned.

3. Maintenance of the reducer of the shotcrete machine

(1) After each shift, clean the surface-adhered mixture and other debris.

(2) Observe the oil level in the reducer before starting each shift. If it is insufficient, it should be replenished in time.

(3) When the reducer is working, the temperature rise shall not exceed 60 °C, and there shall be no abnormal vibration or noise. Otherwise it should be tested and repaired.

(4) Replace the lubricating oil for 250 hours.

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