What are the characteristics of the grouting pump station that Wode specializes in?

November 07, 2018

The grouting pump station produced by Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a hybrid mechanical equipment integrating pulping machine, mixer and grouting pump. The grouting pump is hydraulically driven, and the grouting pressure and displacement can be stepless. Adjustable; the whole machine is compact in structure, convenient in operation and small in space. Since the grouting pump station was put on the market, it has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Why is the grouting pump station popular with customers at home and abroad? The answer lies in the special structure of the grouting pump station. Compared with the traditional grouting pump, the grouting pressure and displacement can be adjusted steplessly. The grouting pump station is a vertical pump body, and the size is small and the weight is small. Lighter, less easy to maintain parts; and, thanks to the hydraulic slurry system, the grouting pump has the advantages of continuous slurry discharge and small pulse. Furthermore, the mechanism of the pulper and the mixer is mutually reinforcing, and the pulping machine adopts high-speed eddy current pulping speed and uniformity, and the switching between the two sides adopts the pressing handle, which not only operates and is safe and reliable. The grouting pump station and the motor produced by the company have overload protection. The hydraulic system has oil temperature overheat protection. This is why many customers choose us.

Grouting pumping stations are widely used in grouting projects for dams, tunnels, subways, mines, and anchoring, cable and anchor cables in civil engineering. However, the application of the grouting pump station is not limited to this, and it is widely used in reinforcement, grouting, and support projects in construction engineering, marine engineering, and mining engineering. It can be said that as long as the grouting project requiring high-strength continuous operation is indispensable for the grouting pump station.

According to the different driving modes, the grouting pump station produced by Zhengzhou Wode can be divided into two types: motor-driven grouting pump station and diesel-driven grouting pump station. If the grouting pump station is hydraulically classified, The grouting pump can be divided into a hydraulic grouting pump station and a non-hydraulic grouting pump station. At the same time, Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has set different types of marks according to the different output power and configuration of the grouting pump station to facilitate the distinction. If you want to know more about the grouting pump station, please visit the official website or leave a message below.

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