What are the classifications and working principles of dry shotcrete machine?

November 07, 2018


There are many manufacturers selling dry shotcrete machine on the market. The styles and models are difficult to distinguish. The following is a description of the classification and working principle of dry concrete machine by Ward manufacturers. I hope to purchase dry spray guns helpful for customers.

First, the classification of dry shotcrete machine

The dry shotcrete machine can be divided into an ordinary dry type shotcrete machine and an explosion-proof dry type shotcrete machine. Ordinary dry type shotcrete mainly has PZ-5 type, PZ-6 type and PZ-7 type. Explosion-proof dry sprayers mainly include PZ-5 and PZ-7. On the basis of the original products, Ward Company independently developed and produced WZ-3 type refractory shotcrete machine, WZ-7 dry type shotcrete machine and WZ-9 type dry/wet spray machine.

Second, the working principle of dry shotcrete machine

The sprayed material (concrete, cement, etc.) added to the hopper of the dry sprayer is dry. The pressure is applied by the air compressor, and the dry material is sent to the nozzle. There is an inlet pipe at the nozzle, and the dry material is at the nozzle. After mixing with water and then spraying out.

When the dry shotcrete machine is working, the dust is relatively large. In order to reduce the dust, a small amount of water can be sprinkled in the dry material, and the humidity is slightly increased, but not excessive, and the concrete and other materials are prevented from being mixed with the water again at the nozzle. The adhesion is reduced, affecting the effect of the spray.

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