How to improve the service life of the sprayer?

November 07, 2018
How to improve the service life of the concrete sprayer This is a problem that has been plaguing many customers. This article will introduce how to improve the service life of the sprayer and the choice of common sprayer accessories.
First, how to improve the service life of the spray
1. The operator of the shotcrete machine should grasp the situation and understand the overall situation in time, make a reasonable and detailed plan for the maintenance of the concrete sprayer equipment, and give instructions and supervision to the maintenance work and procurement activities.
2. It is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance of the equipment of the shotcrete machine to prevent mis-guarantee and prevent leakage protection. Strengthen the daily inspection of the equipment of the shotcrete machine. The inspection results should be recorded in detail, including not only the maintenance record of the previous shotcrete machine, the record of changing the parts of the sprayer, but also the records of daily use and workload, so as to analyze and Timely and accurately eliminate the hidden troubles of the shotcrete machine. This will ensure the safety of the sprayer during use.
3. The improvement of the service life of the shotcrete machine must first strengthen the professional technical training of the operators and strictly implement the safety operation procedures. We must adhere to the "two fixed three guarantees" system: fixed person, fixed machine, package use, package storage, package maintenance. Target cost management for shotcrete equipment, linking operator economic benefits to the use of shotcrete machines, and strengthening professional ethics education and training for operators.
4. A frequently overlooked problem that needs to be pointed out, that is, the impact of environmental factors on the service life of the shotcrete. Most of the shotcrete equipment is operated in a harsh environment. The working place often changes due to changes in geological conditions, so its performance is affected by the temperature, humidity, geology and other conditions of the working site.

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