Precautions for the use of cement grouting machine grouting pipe

November 02, 2018

The grouting pipe is a slurry conveying device of the cement grouting machine. During the grouting process, it undertakes the task of continuously conveying the slurry for the cement grouting machine. However, in order to ensure the smooth conveying of the slurry and effectively extend the service life of the grouting pipe, in use A lot of things have to be paid attention to, please pay attention to the advice of the technical staff on matters that should be noted!

1.The connection notes

When the grouting pipe is placed on the interface of the cement grouting machine, it must be tightened with a hose clamp or wire to prevent air leakage and water leakage.

2.Laying precautions

When laying the grouting pipe, avoid sharp objects. When laying the grouting pipe through the main road, pay attention to the protection treatment: when passing the road, it should be properly dug through the bottom to avoid the grouting pipe being crushed by the wheel and intermittently supplying water.

3.Use precautions

When using the grouting pipe, the high pressure resistant grouting pipe should be connected close to the cement grouting machine. The grouting pipe after water filling should prevent twisting or sudden bending, and at the same time prevent the grouting pipe interface from colliding and damage.

4.Maintenance precautions

After the grouting pipe is used, pay attention to clean, carefully wash and protect the adhesive layer. In order to remove the grease on the grouting pipe, it can be washed with warm water or soap. For the frozen grouting pipe, it must be melted first, then cleaned and dried, and the grouting pipe that has not been dried should not be wound up.

5. Storage precautions

The grouting pipe can not be placed outdoors for a long time, and it should be kept away from the heat source as far as possible to prevent aging. In addition, it should avoid corrosive and viscous material pollution. The storage place should have suitable temperature and good ventilation. When not in use, grouting the tube should be rolled up in a single layer. It should be flipped several times a year and exchanged several times a year. Avoid rubbing each other and exchange folds if necessary.

6.Management considerations

When managing, special personnel should be responsible for management to prevent unreasonable damage. All grouting pipes should be classified according to quality and numbered to understand the use of grouting pipes.

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