What is the unique structure of the Wode pulping machine

November 01, 2018

The pulping machine is a special equipment for the manufacture of clay slurry. It is mainly used in coal mine, oil exploitation, drilling, exploration and water control water prevention and underground fire prevention and grouting engineering, and manufactures qualified clay slurry materials. The pulper has the function of continuously separating the raw ore from pulverization, stirring, gravel separation and filtration to continuously produce a clay slurry. The structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, the safety is reliable, the pulping ability is large, and the like, and the crushing, grinding, mixing, stirring and filtering are integrated. Generally, the pulper mechanism slurry mode is continuous, and each user can realize the slurry of different densities by adjusting the water supply and the feed amount according to the production needs of the user.

The pulper is a combination of mixer, agitator and storage in a basic frame. It is mainly used for the manufacture of viscous materials such as bentonite slurry and cement slurry, as well as for ground and underground construction such as roads, railways, hydropower, construction, and mining. The high-speed vortex mixer in the frame combination ensures fast and even mixing. For example, its workflow is to quickly mix water, cement or bentonite into a uniform slurry. The mixed slurry is then sent to a blender. The grout pump is injected from the mixing tank (tank), which ensures continuous mixing and grouting operations. The grouting device is fully hydraulically driven, driven by a motor, and has the advantage of stepless adjustment of grouting pressure and displacement. And the whole device is small in size and easy to operate. Provide customers with great convenience.

The economical life of the main components of the pulp machine produced by the company can be up to 750h; the corresponding pulping capacity can reach 2000m³, which is more than doubled before the improvement, and the work reliability has been greatly improved. Clay cement slurry is generally used as the main grouting material in the pre-grouting construction of mine shaft wells. The key equipment for preparing clay slurries is a clay pulper. During the pulping process, coarse particles in the clay, especially sand, can cause severe wear on the pulper, especially rotor scrapers, grinding discs and jaws. When these components are worn out, the efficiency of the whole process slurry is often reduced, which affects the construction efficiency of the ground pre-grouting. At present, breakthrough research on wear-resistant materials at home and abroad has been made. The wear-resistant material has been widely used due to its obvious wear-resisting effect and simple processing technology. In recent years, our company has devoted research and development to a variety of new wear-resistant materials. According to the wear and tear of the mixer, the company researched the products with less accessories, the purpose is to improve the reliability of the whole machine and enhance the durability of the machine.

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