Wet shotcrete machine for Germany

June 05, 2020

Wet shotcrete machine for Germany

On 4th, June, we deliver 1 set of wet shotcrete machine to our Germany customer. Wet shotcrete machine can be used for mining operations, tunneling, hydropower projects and hillside protection, etc.

wet shotcrete machine for Germany

WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine is consisted of driving device, rotor assembly, air system, concrete spraying system, electric control box etc. WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machines have advanced technology, rational structure, convenient operation, stable performance and long service life.

wet shotcrete machine in Germany

Considering that WSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine is a newly designed dust spraying machine, technicians and after-sales managers can use the technology with the help of the machine. Construction companies to implement environmental protection construction as a model, the party construction invited many local construction workers to carry out concrete spraying test. During the spraying test, WSZ wet shotcrete machine for Germany shows higher efficiency and stable spraying effect. Compared with the ordinary dry shotcrete machine, the machine does not produce dust, and the noise is much lower than before operation. After testing, many workers came to consult the WSZ dust jet, and many claimed that they would respond to the government's call to replace the traditional jet with this newly developed jet. The pilot demonstration successfully attracted workers' interest in shotcrete dust removal and drew their attention to personal health and environmental protection. The trail demonstration attracted workers' interest in successfully spraying powder for the powder sprayer and attracted their attention to personal hygiene and environmental protection.

delivery of wet mix shotcrete machine Germany


delivery of concrete spraying machine Germany


shotcrete machine package

Wodetec is a professional wet shotcrete machine supplier and manufacturers to Germany. We has more than 20 years’ experience in this industry, our shotcrete machines include wet mix shotcrete machine and dry mix shotcrete machine.

shotcrete machine Germany

The shotcrete machine sold is divided into dry mixing shotcrete machine and wet mixing shotcrete machine according to different processes. When using a dry spray gun, the material discharges up to 5% of the moisture from the machine, and then feeds the material into the nozzle assembly through air flow and adds the required water (usually 5-10%) to it. In the wet shotcrete machine, the spray gun material is wetted with water in the mixer in advance, and then pumped through the hose through the eccentric screw or piston pump. At the end of the production line, the material is dispersed with compressed air, if necessary, other liquid bond/hardening agents (jetting) can be added, usually need to add accelerator.

dry shotcrete machine process


Dry shotcrete machines are usually used for outdoor works, such as bridge maintenance, swimming pool, slope protection, etc. And wet shotcrete machine is widely used in indoor engineering, such as mining, tunnel, subway and other projects. Compared with dry mixing machine, wet mixing machine is mostly used in more important items, with less dust, low springback rate and high spraying strength. No matter which kind of shotcrete machine, need air compressor to provide compressed air.

wet shotcrete machine process

If you have some project need wet mix concrete shotcrete machine in Germany, please tell us freely and we could provide suitable wet mix shotcrete machine for your project. Email address: sales@wodetec.com.

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