Construction used peristaltic pump

June 04, 2020

Construction used peristaltic pump

Heavy duty construction used peristaltic pump can convey high viscosity slurry. It can be used for pressure grouting and spring on the surface, and it also can act as metering hose pump.

Peristaltic hose pump series is a new type of multi-function and multi-function industrial pump developed by absorbing advanced technology. The pump has no seal, no leakage, strong self-priming ability, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. Peristaltic pump is suitable for conveying a variety of abrasive fluid materials, viscosity, density, corrosive. It can be used in petroleum, medicine, papermaking, ceramics, chemical, water treatment, mining, gold smelting and other industries.

Wodetec have been engaged in the design and production of WH construction used peristaltic pumps for many years. Today Wodetec peristaltic pumps have become very mature products, with various standard models and many special models, our engineers designed these models according to requirements of our customers. According to your requirements, we can design special construction peristaltic hose pump in terms of output, working pressure, connection type, etc.

construction used peristaltic pump

Construction used peristaltic pump features & advantage:
1. Low accuracy request on squeeze tube.
2. Squeezed by the squeeze rollers, rolling friction to have the low request on the lubrication.
3. Recovery of the squeeze tube against the recovery rollers.
4. Squeeze interval adjusted by the eccentric roller.
5. Natural rubber hose with 4 layer of thread reinforcement as the squeeze hose.

construction peristaltic pump

Working principle of construction peristaltic pump:

Working principle of peristaltic pump a special rubber hose with a smooth inner wall and reliable strength is mounted inside the pump body and extruded along the hose by a pair of pressure rollers. This rotation allows the medium to travel in one direction without reflux hose in the transmission medium. After that, the hose is restored to its original shape by the elasticity of the flat hose, and by the action of the side guide roller. At this point, a high vacuum is produced in the hose, and the medium is again inhaled into the cavity, and then extruded by the subsequent roller. Press out from the hose. Therefore, the medium is continuously sucked in and discharged.

Applications fields of peristaltic hose pump:
1. Construction - pumping the cement slurry, mortar or light-weight concrete or foam concrete, etc.
2. Water and wastewater treatment.
3. Phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer: spray granulation, concentrated slurry, and precipitated sludge transport 'quantitative transport of laboratory fluids.
4. Work as a benotine pump or foam, slurry pump.
5. Chemical: Corrosive, caustic material.
6. Food and beverage: Milk, confiture, salad, syrup, chocolate.
7. Brewing: Yeast, diatomaceous-earth, flocculant.
8. Other applications: Paper, ceramics, pharmaceutics, agriculture, mining, print, water and waste treatment.

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