Wet centrifugal refractory coating machine

June 08, 2020

Wet centrifugal refractory coating machine
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Zhengzhou Ward Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Wodetec) is located in Zhengzhou City, China. Wodetec is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, sales and provision of construction and engineering equipment services. Yu has the most advanced imported production equipment and complete production technology. Wodetec has several independent intellectual property rights. Based on continuous technological innovation, the design capabilities of concrete pumps, hose pumps, grouting pumps/stations, shotcrete machines, bionic shotcrete systems, refractory mixing and spray gun machines, and foam concrete machines have reached international standards. Has been recognized and trusted by customers.

Gunning machine for concrete layer in a boiler chimney

Wet centrifugal refractory coating machine produced by WODETEC is an anchor spraying support machine with better comprehensive performance in spraying mechanical equipment to reduce dust, reduce rebound and save materials. Wet spraying machine is a kind of construction equipment widely used in engineering construction. It uses compressed air or other power, and a certain proportion of refractory materials or other materials are transported through pipes and sprayed onto the sprayed surface at high speed to congeal and harden, thus It forms a refractory insulation layer or a concrete support layer. The sprayed refractory technology is simple, the construction cost is low, the adaptability is wide, the operation dust is small, the spray rebound is small, the working environment is protected, the raw material is saved, and the sprayed layer quality is improved Played an important role in the field of architecture
WZ- 3ER Refractory Shotcrete Machine is specifically designed for refractory dry-mix shotcrete applications, as well as for concrete shotcrete application. With this WZ-3ER, you can get low dust and high performance spraying flow in nozzle.

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WZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine can be used for refractory spraying and repair for industrial kilIns or kilns' inner liner, refractory spraying applications, as well as for concrete shotcrete application.

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WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine is straight chamber rotor type refractory gunning machine.
1. Variable Output with ABB variable frequency drive.
2. Bag cutter and flat hopper with vibrator.
3. Collect dust bag.
4. Clean dust gun.
5. Heavy-duty solid wheels.
6. Coulping and clamp.
7. New type pre-dampening nozzle assy.
8. Blast rubber hose.
The refractory repair machine is also equipped with a high-pressure water pump, which is used to provide high-pressure water for the new pre-damper nozzle assembly. There is a water ring in the nozzle assembly, and the high-pressure water is atomized through the small holes of the water ring. If so, water can even be mixed with the material to achieve the best spray effect. The ABB frequency converter is used to adjust the motor speed and further control the output of the refractory dispenser from 1m³/ h to 3m³/ h. When the machine starts to work, the small output can effectively avoid the blockage caused by the large output.

dedusting shotcrete machine for coal mine

WODETEC has many years of experience in customizing machinery for customers, and we will meet any requirements of your project for wet centrifugal refractory coating machines. If you have any questions or requirements about our wet centrifugal refractory coating machine, please contact us in time. Our email is: sales@wodetec.com

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