Foam concrete machine price

June 10, 2020
Foam concrete machine price
For many years' equipment production experiences in foam concrete, through every technical engineer's research, then we develop this large foam concrete filling equipment, the capacity of this machine is reach to 40 meters/hour. It is filled the gaps in small capacity and inefficiency of foam concrete equipment in China. It became the largest and most maximum in single capacity of foam concrete production equipment in China.
Light foam concrete machine is specially designed for making cellular foam concrete, in order to cement, sand, fly ash, powder as raw materials such as foam concrete production. It can be used in high-rise building roof insulation works to warm the project, large trenches filled works, also make blocks the production of foam concrete wall.
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foam concrete machine price
Performance characteristics of portable foam concrete machines:
1. This machine has feeding, foaming, stirring all the functions set in one and miniaturized, is currently the only ultra-light integrated foaming machine.
2. This machine is the ideal equipment for foaming cement, light weight, small size, convenient, high efficiency. Small size, six people can move easily on the spot, easy to use, low failure rate, light weight, can be manual forklift loading and unloading, save time, effort, save costs.
3. Foaming mechanism using the most advanced high-pressure air foaming technology, the use of jet secondary bubble principle, simple structure, compact, is the smallest high-efficiency foaming device
4. The use of hydraulic power, more robust, to meet the needs of high-rise construction.
5. Stable performance, unique dual-cycle hydraulic cooling system design, to ensure efficient operation of the power system.
6. Perfect set line control system, easy to operate, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to use.
7. Self-sufficiency, high precision, high degree of automation, product weight control accurate.
8. Military technology, airframe-intensive airframe design, to ensure high-intensity continuous operation.
9. Creating a unique bubble and mixing system that won't hurt the bubble.
10. The machine uses high-pressure foaming technology, foaming performance is good, uniform quality, not easy to break, accurate (foaming amount can be accurately controlled within mg)
11. The case is made of high-strength high strength steel plate, painted at high temperature of 280oC, with a long service life.
12. The machine saves production costs and improves economic efficiency. Compared to similar products, 50-100kg of cement can be saved per cubic meter.
foam concrete machine cost
1. Floor/roof casting.
2. Sporadic home improvement to warm construction.
3. Small and medium-sized roof insulation construction.
4. To fill the construction of warm mortar.
5. Prefabricated insulation block, core processing.
6. Framed wall and house structure casting.
7. Fire door core prefabricated.
8. Subway and coal mining backfill.
9. Refractory prefabricated processing.
10. Wall panel, wall filled with foam concrete processing.
11. Foam concrete insulation sporadic works.
12. Small crafts injection molding. 
13. Block.
foam concrete machine quote
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