Soil seeding spraying machine New Zealand

August 31, 2021

Soil seeding spraying is a new type of greening technology in which the mixture of grass fertilizer, water retaining agent, soil, organic matter, stabilizer, etc. is completely mixed and uniformly sprayed on the engineering slope. According to the thickness of the atomizer design for protection. The landscape is similar to the purpose of natural greening. The hydraulic planter used for spraying the grass-green mulch structure of the guest soil spreader is easy to use. It consists of a simple mechanical system and a hydraulic system, which is convenient for operation and daily maintenance. The soil seeding spraying machine New Zealand is also suitable for outdoor work, various rocks, hard soil, sandy soil, barren soil, acidic soil and arid areas, and coasts. Suitable for dams, etc.

 Soil seeding spraying machine New Zealand

Wodetec provides soil seeding spraying machine with high-efficiency spray technology, which are suitable for green cover of grass seeds on highway slopes, damaged mountain slopes and various soil slopes. The details are as follows: 1. Cleaning and shaping the slope 2. Excavate fixed anchor rods on slopes. 3. Choose a suitable greening and hanging net. 4. Choose a mixture of base materials. 5. Oblique hanging net structure; 6. Stir and spray materials evenly. 7. Cover the slope with spray. 8. Cover the slope with non-woven fabric. 9. Slope maintenance

 Soil seeding spraying machine New Zealand

The advantages of soil seeding spraying machine New Zealand:

1. The soil seeding spraying machine is used for spraying grass seed green film, which has a wide range of uses. Due to the use of mulching materials, stabilizers, modifiers and special fertilizers, it can be used not only in areas with better soil quality, but also in exposed rock slopes, barren hills and barren hills with harsh geological conditions. Establish good vegetation in areas that are difficult to plant, such as wasteland, areas in urgent need of treatment, and areas with severe wind erosion.

Soil seeding spraying machine New Zealand

2. The construction efficiency of the soil seeding spraying machine is high. Each facility can spray tens of thousands of square meters every day, which can meet the needs of large areas of rapid greening.

3. Good greening effect. The sprayed material can form a film-like structure on the soil surface, which can effectively prevent rainwater from washing and preventing seed loss. Therefore, the established vegetation is uniform and orderly, and the effect is good.

4. Mechanized operation requires less labor and lower cost.

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