Gunite machine for spraying refractory Malaysia

August 30, 2021

Gunite machine for spraying refractory Malaysia uses compressed air to spray a certain percentage of refractory at high speeds to form a fireproof layer on the surface of the sprayed masonry. The refractory spraying gunite machine Malaysia has important advantages such as fast spray construction speed, high efficiency, and excellent engineering quality. Widely used.

 Gunite machine for spraying refractory Malaysia

The gunite machine for spraying refractory are indoor and outdoor wall sprays, cement mortar grouts, bridge grouts and waterproof surface sprays, fireproof sprays, insulation sprays, ceiling sprays, wall sprays, paint sprays, garden sprays, relief effects. Suitable for painting Light and convenient for spraying, handicraft spraying, rockery spraying, sound absorbing material spraying, waterproof plugs, waterproof leak repair, bridges, dams, hillsides, underground, tunnels, construction under residential factories.

Gunite machine for spraying refractory Malaysia

 Features of gunite machine for spraying refractory :

1.The refractory spraying gunite machine Malaysia has mixing, transporting and spraying functions.

2. Concrete placement quality is good, construction speed is fast, and labor can be saved.

3. Gun metallurgy and industrial furnaces are widely used in steel mills.

4. The refractory spraying gunite machine Malaysia is a stereotyped product with excellent quality and durability. We have a good stock of fragile parts, rotating plates, bonding plates, spray guns and other accessories.

 Gunite machine for spraying refractory Malaysia

Precautions when using a fireproof sprayer (fireproof layer repair gun machine)

1. Preparation before the start:

A. Make sure that the contacts in each circuit of the electrical control system are solid and that there are no leaks.

B. Observe the oil mark to see if the reducer is lubricated.

C. Make sure that the fixation of each part of the machine is correct and reliable.

D. Run the machine for a short time to understand the rotation situation (make sure that the direction of rotation matches the direction of the arrow. Look counterclockwise from above, but for a long time Do not idle).

E. Check the clamping force applied to the rubber seal plate.

2. How to start the spray (gunning) operation:

Once the preparatory work is complete, the composite can be added to the machine. At this time, the machine operator must first open the main valve and then adjust the down duct. The spray (gunning) operator then opens the nozzle water valve to wet the spray surface. At this time, the operator of the machine can start the machine and start the refractory injection operation.

Gunite machine for spraying refractory Malaysia

3. Stop spraying.

A. Stop the machine and blow off the remaining material in the transport pipeline.

B. If the pipeline is clean, no material will be sprayed from the nozzle.

C. Finally, close the main air pipe valve.

4. Precautions:

Strictly prevent long, large objects such as steel bars and iron plates from entering the cavities of the rotor material and causing large collisions during use.

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